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Dragon Nest Beta
motoDate: Saturday, 2011-06-11, 2:25 AM | Message # 1
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It seems like everyone got in...

So, if you did and plan on trying it out @ the open (June 15th)... post here pls :3

If im able to get online i'll probably try it out surprised Nexon only showcased vindictus and this game at e3. While i dislike nexon the booth hype kinda sold me on at least trying it... even though the game is short content wise >___>

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FurryWallsDate: Saturday, 2011-06-11, 8:59 PM | Message # 2
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i have 2 accounts that got in biggrin

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XxSilencerDate: Sunday, 2011-06-12, 7:51 PM | Message # 3
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I got in as well. wink Hoping to make a lot of videos, although 5 days to test everything seems a tad lame.

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Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Dragon Nest Beta
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