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Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Patch V.80 (Notes)
Patch V.80
GloomysDate: Tuesday, 2009-12-08, 4:22 PM | Message # 1
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MapleStory Ver. 79 Update Notes
New Content

Episode 1
Each class of adventurer now has it’s very own epic quest line. After traveling to Victoria Island and landing in Lith Harbor, find the class statues. Speak to the statue of the class you would like to be and you will be teleported directly to your 1st job instructor. Follow your class specific quest line to level faster through the beginning levels than you ever have before. Completion of the beginning 4 quests given by each of the 1st job instructors is required to start the new class specific quest lines.
Taking on the new quest line will lead new Maplers to some of the Maple World’s toughest mob bosses. Each class has its own boss to defeat. Make it past that boss and there may be one more waiting for all classes.
Defeat the bosses and players can receive equips to dress up just like the boss they just destroyed.
Click here to learn more!


Thanksgiving Events
-Turkey Invasion
Towns and Mini Dungeons of Maple World are being invaded by gobbling Turkeys. Killing these mobs will reward the player with Roasted Turkey, Corn and Corn Stick.
These Turkeys will be around from 11/11/09 – 12/09/09. Watch out though, the
Turkey Commandos will be invading the Maple World from 11/25/09 – 11/30/09. If you’re strong enough to defeat some Turkey Commandos you may receive a Turkey Commando’s Eye. Take these to Professor Foxwit in NLC and he’ll reward you with cold, hard meso.
-Family Entitlement Discount
From 11/25/09 – 12/09/09 the required REP needed to use Family Entitlements will be 30% less. So, get together with your family and do some serious hunting so you can use the entitlements and level up fast.
-Turkey Egg Hunt
Cody is on a hunt for Turkey Eggs. The Turkeys running all over the place will be dropping these. If you’re between levels 10 – 30, take Yellow Turkey Eggs; levels 31 – 60, Green Turkey Eggs; levels 61 and up, Blue Turkey Eggs.
Ancient Artifact Hunt
You’ve been an explorer and an adventurer, so it’s time you become an archeologist. Hunt monsters, pick up Mysterious Artifacts, and click on them to see what kind of artifacts they are. Be the top Archeologist and win permanent Archeologist’s Glasses and Archeologist’s Hat, you have to gather as many artifacts as you possibly can. The top 10 players with the most points wil be crowned and rewarded for their efforts.
Wolf and Sheep
Ever thought playing tag in costumes would be fun? No? But let’s do it anyway – as wolves and sheep! Go to the Ranch Entrance to play. Get in a party of 5 to 10 Maplers. ¾ of you will be sheep, ¼ will be wolves. Team Sheep and Team Wolves attach each other with special items available only at the ranch. The winning team will be rewarded with EXP. If you gather Fine Wool or Shepherdboy’s Lunch during play, you will earn more EXP upon victory!

Click here to learn more!

Cash Shop Sales
Permanent Pets
A permanent Kino pet will be available from 11/11/09 – 11/17/09.
A permanent White Tiger and Mini Yeti will be available from 11/18/09 – 11/24/09.

Click here to learn more!

Remote Gachapon
These tickets will be the same price as regular Gachapon tickets from 11/11/09 – 12/9/09.

Click here to learn more!

New Quests Added

Episode 1 Quests

New Items
All new Gachapon items – Scrolls and a new chair
Astaroth One-Handed Sword
Astaroth Short Sword
Astaroth Wand
Astaroth Staff
Astaroth Two-Handed Sword
Astaroth Axe
Astaroth Spear
Solomon's Unstable Bow
Solomon's Bow
Astaroth Bow
Astaroth Crossbow
Astaroth Claw
Astaroth Knuckles
Astaroth Gun
Andras Gloves
Marbas Gloves
Valefor Gloves
Amdusias Gloves
Crocell Gloves
Andras Shoes
Marbas Shoes
Valefor Shoes
Amdusias Shoes
Crocell Shoes
Andras Hat
Marbas Hat
Valefor Hat
Amdusias Hat
Crocell Hat
Wildeye Hat
Foreign Object
Broken Iron Fragment
Pig Shaped Bottle
Pig Vein
Dark Wooden Board
Ellinia Tree Barrel
Memory Fragment
Octopus Leg Stick
Pumpkin Head
Devil Hunting Scroll
Lost Book
Lost Statue
Young Soul
Golden Feather
Long Strong Stick
Small Snail Shell
Piece of White Pants
Old Worn-out Paper
Old Key
Orange Mushroom Sample
Octopus Sample
Paper with Strange Markings
Ripped Paper-1
Ripped Paper-2
Ripped Paper-3
Ripped Paper-4
Ripped Paper-5
Wild Boar Leather
Evil Eye Eyeball
V.I. Orange Mushroom Wine
Training Instructor's Badge
Stan Halen Guitar
Unseemly Ocarina
Dark Ringo Monster Drum
Solomon's Sealed Bow
Kyrin Hendrix Guitar
Large Model of a Coin
Green Slime Eraser
Improved Flint
Ayan Montana's Microphone
Ink Sack
Cold Medicine
Andras' Emblem
Amdusias' Emblem
Valefor's Emblem
Crocell's Emblem
Marbas' Emblem
Devil Hunter's Neckles
Dirty Treasure Map

New Maps/Zones
Marbas Strolling Path
Marbas Hiding Place
Amdusias Strolling Path
Amdusias Hiding Place
Andras Strolling Path
Andras Hiding Place
Crocell Strolling Path
Crocell Hiding Place
Valefor Strolling Path
Valefor Hiding Place
Fog Forest
Astaroth Strolling Place
Astaroth Hiding Place
Waiting Room

New NPCs
Hill - Henesys
Silence of the Wolf - Perion
Ervine - Kerning City
Lucci - Ellinia
Old Bow
Warrior Statue - Lith Harbor
Bowman Statue - Lith Harbor
Magician Statue - Lith Harbor
Thief Statue - Lith Harbor
Pirate Statue - Lith Harbor
Demon's Doorway - Andras
Demon's Doorway - Marbas
Demon's Doorway - Valefor
Demon's Doorway - Amdusias
Demon's Doorway - Crocell
Astaroth's Doorway

New Monsters
Strange Orange Mushroom
Strange Ribbon Pig
Strange Green Mushroom
Strange Pig
Strange Dark Axe Stump
Strange Zombie Mushroom
Strange Dark Stump
Strange Horny Mushroom
Strange Blue Mushroom

Bug Fixes!
· The Character Transfer issue has been resolved.

forsakenguildDate: Thursday, 2009-12-10, 0:41 AM | Message # 2
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MapleStory Ver. 80 Update Notes

New Content!

Aran – New Class

Aran, the Hero Revived.During the age when the Black Mage ruled Maple World, five heroes protected its citizens from his villainy. They fought the Black Mage with their unique powers, but it was impossible to protect the world and the people. Rather than see their people get hurt, the heroes sent them away to the safety of Victoria Island. Then, they began their final battle with the Mage.

When the dust finally cleared, the heroes had disappeared, leading everyone to believe they had died. Now, centuries after…

 …Aran rises again!

Aran, one of the five heroes who fought the Black Mage, is a fearless Pole arm master.

After being cursed by the Black Mage and spending centuries in a frozen state, Aran woke up one day as an average man—no powers and no memory of his past. But waiting for Aran was a little girl named Lilin. As the last faithful believer of the prophecy—the revival of the heroes—her clan had received long ago, Lilin’s life purpose is to help Aran retrieve his past and prevent the impending reawakening of the Black Mage. With Lilin’s help, Aran slowly begins to regain his old self.

      New Tutorial for Explorers

New and experienced players alike will find something to like in the new and improved Explorer tutorial. First, there’s an option for experienced players to just skip the tutorial section and jump straight to Lith Harbor. For new players the entire area has been tightened up. The instructional illustrations and animation are clearer and easier to understand to get into the MapleStory adventure as quickly as possible!

Mushroom Castle

Characters between levels 30 and 38 are getting a whole new call to adventure. It seems that the dastardly King Pepe has taken over the Mushroom Castle and is forcing the mushroom princess to marry his son, a penguin who… well, let’s just say the lights are on but nobody’s home. If you’re between level 30 and 38, make your way from Henesys through the “Empty House” map to get to Mushroom Forest Field. Once you’re there, talk to the exiled citizens of Mushroom castle, storm the walls, battle bosses, save a Princess and return an empire to its rightful Mushking!

Water of Life – Redesigned Functionality

Aran’s revival has triggered a revival of another kind –- your pet! Revive your loyal companion with a few clicks. Simply purchase the new Water of Life and poof -- your pet is back in action. Save your questing for the new “Aran” and holiday content!

Even better, Water of Life is going on sale. Try 20% off of Water of Life from 12/20/09 to 1/12/10.

Vega’s Spell

Vega’s Spell (10%) will increase a 10% scroll’s success rate to 30% for only 3,000NX! Vega’s Spell (60%) will increase a 60% scroll’s success rate to 90% for only 4,000NX! Vega’s Spell won’t work on every scroll, so be sure to check the list to make sure your scroll is eligible!

New World – Galicia

It’s a new world for a new year! The year 2010 is almost here and what better way to celebrate than by starting with a clean slate in a brave new world?

So we’re calling all settlers willing to venture into new land -- welcome to Galicia, MapleStory’s 11th new world!

To help you settle in, all residents of Galicia will enjoy double experience from 12/16/09 to 1/06/10.

There’s also a Galicia-only quest that awaits you! Upon arrival at Lith Harbor, speak with Teo to get started. You can earn 100,000 mesos for completing “Teo’s Nostalgic Reminiscing I,” available for level 10 to 29 or 200,000 mesos for completing “Teo’s Nostalgic Reminiscing II” for level 30 and up!

In other good news, the opening of Galicia means that Demethos and Yellonde have moved on from being the “new” worlds. That means that these worlds are now opened up to the Maple Trading System (MTS) and eligible for character transfers!

forsakenguildDate: Thursday, 2009-12-10, 0:46 AM | Message # 3
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Holiday Events

Happyville is all decorated for the holidays once again! Participate in holiday events from 12/10/09 – 12/31/09.

-Santa is Missing

Dreadful news! Jolly old Saint Nick has gone missing and only you can find him! Listen for news reports of this disaster, find Rooney for your passage to Happyville and be ready to swing into action!

-Torr’s Horn

Torr in Happyville is must unhappy! Can you find out what’s making her sad and get her to smile again? There might be something extra special in it for your good deed.

-In Preparation for the Party

There’s a party at Santa’s place and you’re invited! You can’t get in wearing your normal Maple attire though. It’s a costume party! Speak to Cliff in Happyville and he can help you out.

-Festival of Lights

NPC Hannah is preparing for a beautiful Festival of Lights but needs some help if it’s to off without a hitch.

-2x EXP for the Holidays

12/19/09 – 12/20/09: 1pm – 3pm (Pacific); 4 pm – 6 pm (Eastern)

12/23/09 – 12/24/09: 1pm – 4pm (Pacific); 4 pm – 7 pm (Eastern)

12/25/09: 10am – 10pm (Pacific); 1 pm – 1 am (Eastern)

12/26/09 – 1/3/10: 1pm – 4pm (Pacific); 4 pm – 7 pm (Eastern)

Gachapon Box Event

The Gachapon boxes will once again be dropping. Get your keys from the cash shop and get all kinds of cool items! This event will take place from 12/23/09 – 1/19/10.

2x Drop Event

Get twice the items and mesos from 4pm – 6pm (Pacific), 7 pm – 9 pm (Eastern) on the following dates:









New User Events

-Make New Friends

Make new friends by adding 10 buddies to your buddy list, and you will be rewarded with a VIP Teleport Scroll. This scroll will teleport you just about anywhere in the Maple World.

-Get a Job

Get your first job and receive a prize! It’s that easy! Choose between a Thief, Magician, Bowman, Warrior, Pirate, Cygnus Knight or Aran, and you’ll receive a weapon that will surely help you defeat those monsters.

-Extra EXP for Party Quest

Take advantage of the Moon Bunny Party Quest, located in Henesys, and receive  an extra 30% EXP. Meet new friends and party together! Everyone will be able to enjoy this bonus EXP.

GM Winter Extravaganza

The GM’s will be running all kinds of events on 12/21/09. Here are the list of events: Trivia, Monster Carnival vs. GM’s, Omok, transformations and summoning monsters.

Cash Shop Sales 

Cash Shop Surprise

Will be available from 12/30/09 – 1/5/10.

2x Drop Cards

Will be on sale from 12/10/09 – 1/7/10.

Water of Life Sale

Discount on this item with redesigned functionality from 12/10/09 – 12/31/09.

forsakenguildDate: Thursday, 2009-12-10, 0:53 AM | Message # 4
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Aran Speech Bubble 1

Aran Speech Bubble 2

Aran Speech Bubble 3

Aran Speech Bubble 4

Jr. Sentinel Shellpiece

Ludmilla's Picture Album

Sophelia's Perfect Doll

Petto Puppet

White Monkey Puppet of Luck

Ludmilla's Picture Album

Bamboo Bundle


Proof of Qualification

Red Jade

Tru's Taxi Coupon

Orange Mushroom Horn

Cynical Orange Mushroom Puppet

Devastated Green Mushroom Puppet

Smiling Ghost Stump

10 Boogies's Report

Annoyed Zombie Mushroom

Puppeteer's Document

Seal Stone of Victoria Island

Rapid Growth Accelerant

Safe Key

Wooden Key

Clean Letter

Old Letter

Lilin's Letter

Wolf Pup Supplement

Adolescent Wolf Supplement

Wolf's Life Water

Wolf Fang

Lilin's Letter

Red Letter

Pig Tail

Special Ink


Giant Polearm Image

Tutorial Muru's Furball

Letter of Commendation - Adventurer

Recommendation Letter - Job Instructor

Letter of Commendation - Adventurer

Letter of Commendation - Adventurer

Letter of Commendation - Adventurer

Letter of Commendation - Adventurer

King Pepe's Crown

Prime Minister Emblem

Wedding Hall Key

Killer Spore Potion Sample

Tainted Horny Mushroom Cap

Sound Charm

Recommendation Letter - The Rememberer

Gold Poison Sting

Sand Mole Hat

Secrety Key

Bingo Necklace(13~30)

Bingo Necklace(31~50)

Bingo Necklace(51~70)

Bingo Necklace(71~90)

Bingo Necklace(91~)

Arthritis Medicine

Missed Mark

Legend's Guide


Ice Crystal

Maha Charm

Defective Yarn

Elastic Yarn

Roodolph Photo

Chimney Sweep


Warm Milk

Good Child Recommendation Letter


Sock Cast

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 2

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 3

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 4

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 5

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 6

Santa Encyclopedia Pg. 1

Scroll for Knuckler for ATT 100%

Scroll for Knuckler for ATT 50%

Scroll for Gun for ATT 100%

Scroll for Gun for ATT 50%

Scroll for Shoes for ATT

Scroll for Shoes for ATT

Scroll for Shoes for ATT

Red Christmas Sock

Green Christmas Sock

Navy Blue Christmas Sock

White Christmas Sock

Yellow Christmas Sock

Purple Christmas Sock

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