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site profiles will be updated over the course of the week. you may experience glitching or downtime when editing/viewing profiles.

now: profiles have been updated to include location, skype ID and IGN.
note: skype/messenger ID's are viewable to guild members only.

Later: New site profile badges on forums and main site. updated signature editor.
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Registration system is updated. You may now (again) select what user group you wish to join. You will have temporary site permissions. Temporary site members do not have access to private or personal information that that full guild/alliance members do.
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For the time being guild forums and twitter will currently be forsaken, friends and alliance only.

I apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

If you are a friend of the guild and do not have access please request so here.
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site registration is once again open/fixed

signature editing is fixed (spoiler codes will be updated to work in signatures at a later time)

thank you~
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Web site registration is temporarily closed.
You must be logged in to view guild forums.

In the mean time users will have to login and out through the forum. Profile and private messages can also be accessed through the forum page.

Your profile can be found by clicking your name above forum login.

Due to this measure recruitment is also closed.

Registration and recruitment will reopen along with the site relaunch.
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Due to time constrains I'll be working on the site periodically over the next week vs doing a large update at one time. Portions of the site may not work for sometime in the process. Feedback is welcome.Thank you~

fixed: profile page & private message page, guild info
MIA: skype bl, some forum functions
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Due to someone ddos'ing our server as of late, the site will have loading issues and some portions of the site may not appear for you at any given time. This may happen sporadically but overall the site should be usable.

Thank you~
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due to me being busy, i'll announce a later date when im able to finish updating the site <3

Updated: burn book updated for easy entry/better viewing

To do list:

Arcade revamp
Various forum fixes
Guild info/recruit update
Guild members page update
Updated JR guides

Updated login system/login security
Chat room added
Various site enhancements (scroll wheel etc)

If you run into any glitches please let me know~
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To motivate myself to stop being lazy with the site...

every Thursday I'll be adding new game(s) to the arcade.
(of course by every Thursday i mean every Thursday that im able to be online n__n <3)
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Happy Birthday to Julie

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