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bellocan lottery
DD is hosting a bellocan lottery:

From his bellardia post:

If any of you guys are feeling lucky, then I propose Bello's Lottery.
If you are still interested, then this is how it works.

You will pay 250k per entry. You will pick 6 numbers ranging from 1-49 (I use a random generator to get the six numbers). If you get 4 numbers, then you will win 10 mils automatically. If you get 5 numbers correct, then you will 25 mils. If you get all 6 numbers correct, then you will win the potsize. If no one win, then whatever mesos that you guys gave me will go to the next lottery. The mesos will change accordingly to how many people plays. I will try to do this twice a day if I can. Otherwise, it will be one time each day.

I know some of you guys think it might be a scam, but I'm willing to put my reputation on the line. ALL mesos that is in this will go into one account rnotomage ( r n o t o mage), a mule. Contact me, Quikstrike, and I will get the six numbers from you.
Potsize atm: 202 mils and growing.

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2 enkxxdptq   (2012-07-17 8:46 AM) [Entry] 93620282827 62582450245
Hello. And Bye.

1 Ingrid   (2008-08-14 6:35 AM) [Entry]
lol, me too! cry

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