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notice on nexon forums

Greetings Maplers,

We have compiled a list of players who will be temporarily suspended for abusing the Big Foot glitch or any other power leveling glitches. As we speak, these players are being suspended or have been suspended. Most of these players will be barred from name changes or server changes. They will not be able to escape the offense they committed. For glitching players on Yellonde, they will face a harsher sentence.

A total of 1289 players will be suspended.

The breakdown is:

105       Bellocan

208       Bera

155       Broa

188       Windia

124       Khaini

79         Mardia

79         Kradia

326       Scania

25         Yellonde

Thank you for your reports and patience on this matter.
- The GM Team -

"other power leveling glitches"? ._. bala escaped the hand of nexon </3
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2 Jeni   (2008-09-02 7:21 PM) [Entry]
Fuck Nexon. So Stupid.

1 moto   (2008-09-02 4:14 PM) [Entry]
they should have announced awhile back that leeching will not be tolerated and you will be banned for it ._.

they need to announce something about it, if im leeching my bowman can i be banned? or just the bowman? and how long, will you be off rank permanently?

they aren't being very clear about it, and leeching is nothing new, people have been leeching new chars for a long long time

and if your going to start banning for leeching, how about banning auto hs/hb mules -____-

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