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Guild news: week 48
 •27th:  Happy Thanksgiving!   
 Enjoy your family gatherings/dinner/2x exp you hoes!
Recruitment forum has been updated

  •25th: The following members were removed due to inactivity: chrisorchino, xchuko, applebeast and likeh0ney
  A letter to guild members: here from me(moto) about communication and the guild
  Plans/proposals for zakum helm sales is posted here
  A thread of guild facts has been posted here

•24th: Jun has left the guild/quit maple, he'll be returning to Korea in two weeks. We wish him the best.
  Zakum time has changed to 7:00 PM PST
Happy birthday to RoyYoSoy
Recruitment policy changed.
3rd job players - at least 25+ votes of either Yes/Abstain
4th job players - at least 20+ votes of either Yes/Abstain
weighted avg must be 85%, vote count needed is determined by ½ of active guild voting positive for a user to join. (IE 40 active users = 20 votes needed)
Preferred level ranges are:
Lvl130+/- for range, Lvl140+/- melee, Lvl150+/- for magic
Due to size constraints this will be more enforced, that said please remember this is preferred & to give a general idea of the level range we are looking for. The guild is not closed off to levels below the above stated.
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4 Ingrid   (2008-11-25 5:08 PM)
Happy b-day Roy!

Jun, will miss you <3

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3 Julie   (2008-11-24 3:29 PM)
Royy ! Happy birthday (:
Have a good one.. ;D

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2 Jamie   (2008-11-24 3:28 PM)
hi! happy birthday, roy =D biggrin

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1 iNightLordll   (2008-11-24 4:45 AM)
Happy Birthday Royy <3 gifts

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