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Christmas is upon us! in the spirit of the season the guild Jr's are hosting a secret Santa event, details are as follows:

  • You must be a forsaken member or friend of the guild (alliance/etc) to sign up

  • You agree to spend at least 5 million meso or 1.5k NX on the person you are playing secret Santa for (if you cant afford 5M meso but would like to participate speak to moto)

  • Given the time frame for the event, you must be active and timely (see below for schedule)

  • Three Jr's will be aware of who will be gifting who, do not spoil the event by telling people who you are gifting! its supposed to be a surprise.

Sign up has ended

You will have 4-5 days (minimum) to purchase a gift before our planned exchange on Saturday/Sunday, December 20-21st.

right side is buying for left side:

Currently we are hoping to organize a day (either; Saturday, December 20th or the Sunday the 21st) to have the bulk of participants exchange gifts in the guild FM and also take part in a Christmas guild SS.

We will announce which day depending on when most report having their gift ready by the end of the week and when the bulk of them are online. If you end up unable to participate in the weekend exchange your welcome to gift your person later, but it must be done before Christmas! be attentive and timely!

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12 Julie   (2008-12-25 10:12 AM)

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11 xmxme3   (2008-12-15 2:34 AM)
very gift me? ewwww,,count me in

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10 Tess   (2008-12-13 11:12 AM)

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9 xFlipy   (2008-12-12 11:47 PM)
Meow! <3333

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8 xxlGuxtalxx   (2008-12-12 9:29 PM)
Im Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn =D <3<3<3<3

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7 RobotRoy   (2008-12-12 7:31 PM)
im in

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6 Sandy   (2008-12-12 9:00 AM)
Sign me up for secret Santa plox

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5 xangeLLanix   (2008-12-12 4:47 AM)
LMFAO IM IN!!! <33333

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4 Rostilov   (2008-12-11 9:39 PM)
lmao im in <3

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3 Humpy   (2008-12-11 9:37 PM)
im in ^-^

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