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Date: September 11th and 18th (Fridays)
Time: 3 PM - 6 PM Pacific (6 PM - 9 PM Eastern)
Place: Mushroom Park in Henesys, near Aramia NPC

Poor Aramia--she's been working hard to collect all her books back from those mean, book-snatching monsters. Being the kind GMs that we are, we've decided to help her out by raiding the monsters' stash of stolen books.

Now, as some of you might've noticed, having the table turned on them is not exactly something Maple monsters enjoy. In fact, they downright hate it. So when GMs steal Aramia's Books back and return them to their rightful owner, those monsters won't be happy campers. And it won't help that Aramia will celebrate her victory by shooting up fireworks, which is bound to be like adding salt to their already bleeding pride.

It?ll only be a matter of time until the monsters explode in anger and try to re-steal the stolen books back. We expect a lot of the boss mobs to be there and so we need help to fend them off! Be at Mushroom Park in Henesys on Friday 3 PM to 6 PM (6 to 9 PM Eastern) to help us protect Aramia and her precious volumes! These boss monsters are sure to drop items including Alphabet Pasta letters, and chances are, some of the more precious letters will be up for swift and easy grabs.
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