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Ludi hair tickets:


We held an unscheduled Cash Shop maintenance on Thursday, September 24,
2009, during which we corrected the issue of Cash Shop Surprise
dispensing Ludibrium Hair Coupon (REG). As Ludibrium Hair Coupon (REG)
is not redeemable at this time, it should not have been one of the
items that can be acquired through Cash Shop Surprise.

We apologize for the error. Those of you who have already drawn a
Ludibrium Hair Coupon (REG) will be compensated during the September
30th server maintenance with a Ludibrium Hair Coupon (EXP). If you have
more than one Ludibrium Hair Coupon (REG), compensation will be made
for all of them.

Again, we apologize for the error as well as the confusion this may have caused.

Item announcements fix:


We received numerous reports about the Cash Shop Surprise alerts flooding your chatbox, and therefore have adjusted the alert system during the Thursday, September 24, 2009 Cash Shop maintenance. The only red Cash Shop Surprise alert you will receive in your chatbox is when someone wins a pet. You can now resume your use of the chatbox without the multiple red alert interruptions.

Limited time only. If you don't get one, it will come to cash shop soon enough <3

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