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To address concerns of more senior members of the guild the we have changed recruitment.

To identify senior members from new members the user group "Forsaken" has been divided into two categories
Member = Senior member =
A VIP member is identified as a member who has experience with the guild and how it operates. A member who has successfully completed their trial membership and have remained an active guild member for sometime with no issues. Above all though, VIP members will be taken into consideration by how well the JR's and their fellow (senior) members know of the member and their trust level of that member.

This will not effect any in game activities, boss runs or events. It will allow senior members to have more say in the direction of the guild, speak more freely of issues with new recruits, guild rules and procedures; with hopefully less potential drama and better communication.

All members will be able to discuss and voice their opinion on guild topics posted in guild only chat and will have a voice (though more limited than before) when it comes to recruitment. Please still provide the guild with your feedback of applicants and guild issues. Do not feel that if you have an issue with a new recruit that your opinion dosent matter, We will still listen as we had before.

VIP members will be the only group allowed to simply "vote/vouch" for a recruit. The final decision if a recruit joins will be up to senior members and guild JR's. A private recruit forum for VIP members is now available to freely discuss and address concerns with recruits. A private general discussion forum can also be found in guild only to discuss rule enforcement, issues with guild members and our always changing guild policy.

Note to VIP members: respect the overall privacy of these discussions. I want members to feel ok with voicing their displeasure with ANYTHING or ANYONE. If we find you to be feeding other guild members of what a fellow VIP member posted we will devouch you from the privilege of having any say in the guild and it will be taken as an affront to the guild, which will effect how we view/trust you.

Finally, guild moderation and how it will be changing.

But, first a personal note from moto D:<
I had hoped with the posting of the "burn book" that i could get members to more openly address their issues with each other by submitting their concern straight to the guild JR's in a very non-threatening setting. My hope was that with making the theme of such a tool seem lighthearted and have a certain comical aspect i could make more of you comfortable submitting your issue while maybe also making you think about the issue before sending it.
Unfortunately this hasn't happened and instead its been used a tool for entertainment and small back and forth venting, which is fine and dandy but misses the overall goal of what i wanted to achieve; weeding out drama/infighting before it boils over. Because i completely hate spending my time handling drama, i think we should just approach issues in a more direct approach (while trying to maintaining some order to the situation) /end

From now on when a member addresses a JR with a concern or when a JR has a concern with a specific member we will open a private thread in the guild mediation forum on the site to discuss the issue between you and the guild leadership. If you are asked to join us in discussion over an issue:
  • KEEP YOUR COOL, we expect maturity.
  • DO NOT GOSSIP ABOUT THE MEDIATION WITH FELLOW GUILD MEMBERS. the issue will involve you and fellow people involved, no one else needs to be dragged into it.
  • If you screw around and bring the guild into the issue, gossip and create problems over the mediation... /kick
This is to MEDIATE a potential situation, please be respectful of the overall guild if you are asked to work with us in addressing an issue. Doing such will help JR's who don't like confrontation run the guild in a more orderly manner and hopefully fix a situation before it grows out of hand.

If you have an issue or concern with this new system please address a guild JR.
I hope these actions address the concerns/discontent some of you have had over the recently (and admittedly) more "slack" operation the guild has taken. Thank you~

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