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MapleStory Ver. 77 Update Notes

New Content!

Haunted House 2

Log on between now and 11/24/2009 to experience an entirely new quest
line set in Maple World's own Haunted House. Head over to Masteria and
talk to Olivia outside the mansion to begin a 7 part quest line that
ends in an exciting PQ. Make it all the way through this frightful
quest line to receive a spooky Halloween chair.

Witch Malady's Secret Mission

Log on between now and 11/24/2009 to lend Witch Malady a hand in her
Halloween tricks. Defeat the frogs and black cats that are out in force
around Maple World and bring the items they drop back to Witch Malady
to create some creepy, Halloween treats:\

Or, gather Dark Tokens by defeating any boss mob to trade to Witch Malady for these items:

Cassandra's Trick or Treat

Cassandra's got bags of treats for you if you can first satisfy her
sweet tooth. Go on her quest and gather up 31 Halloween Stick Candies
to be treated to her Halloween goodies. But watch out?that Cassandra's
a tricky girl who likes tricks as much as treats. Not to worry though,
with the quest being repeatable every hour, you'll have plenty of time
to coax treats out of her from now until 11/24/2009. See the list below
for all the Ticks and Treats you can get from Cassandra:

Premium Gachapon Box Event

Log on from now until 11/10/2009 to get your hands on Premium Gachapon
boxes! Mobs all over Maple World will be dropping Silver and Gold boxes
that you can open by purchasing a key from the Cash Shop. The items you
can get from each of the boxes are truly premium, check out some of
these rewards:

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