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Did you know that players can help make the Maple world a better place through the MapleWatch Leaf Brigade (MWLB)? What was that? You haven’t heard about the MWLB? Well sit back, and let me clear up any confusion you might have! This week we’re going to begin introducing the members of the MapleWatch Leaf Brigade. First though, here’s a brief introduction to the MWLB program.

1. MWLB members (aka Watchers) are hand-picked players that help keep watch out for those who would ruin MapleStory for everyone.

2. Watchers have the power to alert the GMs directly regarding players that are cheating or causing problems. They do NOT have the power to ban accounts or access account information.

3. Watchers, like GMs, will NEVER ask for your account ID, password, or anything else related to your account.

4. All members have a special hat that instantly identifies them as a Watcher; if they don’t have the hat, they’re not in the program.

5. We’ll be opening up applications for new MWLB members from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye on the main site if you’re interested in joining this elite force of Maple fun!

Hopefully, that answers some of your questions and you can see them for what they are; a fun-loving group of people dedicated to helping make the Maple world a safe and happy place for everyone!
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