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As most of you know or remember, on Halloween night your family, friends and neighbors welcome hoes of all shapes and sizes (see: children, fattys, trannys who work street corners) to their doorstep for a giveaway which can only be described as an orgy of all things made from sugar and cocoa powder.

The transaction is easy, the receiver gets a free sugary confection and the giver gets satisfaction from seeing people make fools of themselves for a snack size snickers.

Unfortunately, as our relationship here is confined to the givings of the internet, we cant actually invite all you nasty hoes to our front doorstep for a sugary treat. But i'd like to imagine if we could; we would pass out gummy crucifixes...

This event is a forsaken version of the classic. We will be handing out maple "treats". The value of these treats will range from 5k to 25+ million meso. The cost for partaking in this game of Halloween chance is something the guild jr's all hold very dear. meso.

You will be required to part with one (1) million meso to enter this event.

You are trick-or-treats'ing forsaken style. To be eligible you must be a Forsaken member or in our alliance (EG: you belong to the guilds; honour, pirates). We will hold a pre-made list of prizes ranging from expensive to worthless, all numbered in a random order. Before or after paying you will select a random number between 1 & 50. For the present time being you may only buy one number per person.

On Halloween we will pass out the prizes, which are predetermined by whatever number you acquired. To participate you must enter before or on October 29th.

A shop will be set up @ forsaken guild FM (CH19 FM 6) with chocolates that you may purchase for 999,999k meso. The IGN of the character running the store will be "flickerstick" and the shop will be named S> tricks & treats. If a shop is currently not online feel free to call a number here and pay later on (or we will contact you to pay).

After (or before) purchasing an item you must choose one (1) number which can range from 1 to 50. You MUST comment this notice with the number of your choosing so individuals who participate can easily see which numbers are taken. Who ever posts a number first (see: time stamp) owns that number.

If you call a number and do not pay the entry fee within a day your hold will be deleted and the number will be available again. We will list numbers as they are taken along with the person who called the number below.

UPDATE: given that about half of all the numbers were bought, im going to give everyone who participated another number and double up your chances of winning (i already factored in the idea that only 25 or so would take part and this is expressed in the number of "prizes" vs "tricks", so doubling up shouldn't ruin the event :3)

the choosing of your doubling up will work in a opposite, descending order. EG: if you selected the number (50), you will get the number (1), since (1) is taken here you would receive the lowest number which is not taken, which here is (3). The person who selected the next lowest mumber (47) would get number (4) and so on.

grey marks your original number and orange as your double up number.

The few unused numbers will be deleted from the list.

On Halloween eve (TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT) the treats will be sent via duey to all users who participated; where you will find out if you were tricked or treated.

If you have questions or concerns please address them here or with a Forsaken JR.
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