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I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year and also thank a few people.

On behalf of all the guild moderators I want to thank you; our members and the bellocan community for supporting and sticking it out with us. We want to thank the few who have taken so much time out of their day to better the guild for everyone. Your time and work is appreciated greatly. Without all of your support all of this would be for nothing.

As we move into a new year there are many changes coming as we undergo a changing of the guard. We will allow guild members to step up and take more responsibility in the operation of the guild and its handling.

In two years this grouping of players has come far. From a small start up between a few friends to one of the top guilds in bellocan. This has been achieved because of the amazing people we have found within this community to join rank with.
The training whores who wont type because it slows exp.
the merchants who brag compulsively of fm deals but are loved for their p/c abilities.
the henny hoes who obsess of all things that you can sit in, kawaii clothes and who spam guild chat.
the people who make forsaken what it is.

I believe every member, of past and present, has brought a unique attribute to the guild which has bettered it. Everyone has left their mark in one way or another, for bad or good. for the progression of the guild or a lesson taught that will better us in the future.

Many good times have been had in forsaken, many friendships made. This guild was created by a few with very simple ideas;
to find like players who want to enjoy their time online.
players who take responsibility for their actions online.
people who are open and willing to share themselves.
being lighthearted, not taking yourself too serious.
the ability to forgive others and give second chances.

I believe that we have amassed a grouping of people who embody the original ideas of this guild. It has been a pleasure being able to experience this game while being apart of forsaken; meeting the people that i have. I know that come what may in the next year that we can count on you all to carry on forsaken with these original ideas of its founding.

In end, heres to a even better year, forsaken!
Happy new year to all!

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