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How good a Mapler are you? Can you blaze through monsters and climb the levels like nobody’s ever seen? Well here’s your chance to get rewarded for all that hard work and skill! Perfect Pitch is all about leveling, exploring and monster-bashing! The more you do, the more you’ll find yourself rewarded with every level you achieve!

The game is simple. Just level up as fast as you can between 12:01 AM March 3 and 11:59 PM March 30, 2010 (Pacific time) and you’ll receive a Perfect Pitch for every level you achieve. Even better, you’ll receive extra Perfect Pitches once you level up to a certain point! Perfect Pitch starts and ends by talking to Admin, but during the event, you can trade in your Perfect Pitches with Inkwell in Henesys or at the entrance to the Free Market any time to collect the Perfect Pitch event-exclusive Spirit of Rock chair and Wild Wolf Bandana.

Perfect Pitch

o Event runs from midnight of March 3rd to midnight of March 31st.
o Leveling has its rewards! Earn a token for each level gained and bonus tokens for milestone levels.
o Spend perfect pitch tokens on event exclusive items.
§ Rock out in the Spirit of Rock Chair
§ Wild Wolf Bandana

Item Cost:

Golden Pig's Egg-5
Golden Pig's Egg-10
Power Elixir-10
Spirit of Rock Chair-25
Pendant of the Spirit-30
Clean Slate Scroll 1%-45
Chaos Scroll 60%-70
Wild Wolf Bandana-100

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