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Holiday Events
It's the season of celebration and gift-giving. For the citizens of Edelstein though, the best gift they can receive this year is freedom! Join the Resistance and spread the joy of Rebellion all over Maple World with these awesome events!

Resistance Events

1. Support the Underground
(December 20, 2010 – January 18, 2011)
Level up, rebels! To ensure that you're sufficiently ready to battle the evil Black Wings, Cassandra will give you either an Energy Charge or a Resistance Secret Box for every 10 levels you climb.

Note: Quests beneath your level group can still be played during the event.

2. Resistance Support Ring
(December 20, 2010 – February 28, 2011)
Prove your eagerness to join the Resistance by reaching level 70 and Ferdi from Edelstein will award you with a Resistance Ring!

3. New World Event
(December 20, 2010 – January 11, 2011)
Popular support for the rebels is growing! In fact a whole new world called Arcania is hungering for revolution! Help bring it to them!

New World Settlement Fund
1. Create a character in Arcania and talk to NPC Teo.
2. At your first job advancement, he'll award you 100,000 mesos!
3. At your second job advancement, he'll double the amount, awarding you 200,000 mesos!
New World Level Up
1. Create a character in Arcania and talk to Cassandra.
2. When you reach level 70, you'll receive an awesome bandana!

4. Have Faith in the Future With a Resistance Wedding!
(December 7, 2010 – February 1, 2011)
In these dark days, it can be hard to believe that better days are coming. When a Resistance member falls in love with another Resistance member and marries, they renew their commitment to a future without the Black Wings! When two resistance members marry, both bride and groom will receive a pet!

You will receive one of the three pets: Brown Kitty, Black Pig, Dino Boy.

Vive la Resistance!

Holiday Events

1. White Christmas Tree Event
(December 20, 2010 – January 5, 2011)
Not even the Black Wings can kill the spirit of Christmas! Help decorate a tree in defiance of the Black Mage and be awarded with gifts!

Here's how to help:

1. Collect Tree Ornaments by killing mobs.
2. Take the ornaments to NPC Little Beak, who will then take you to White Christmas Hill.
3. Give your ornaments to NPC Black-nosed Fur.

When Black-nosed Fur has enough ornaments, the tree behind him will begin to be decorated until it can hold no more and explode into a flurry of Snow Crystals.

Collect as many Snow Crystals as you can and trade them for items with NPC Fur Puff or NPC Fur White.

A Lucky few of you will also pick up Golden Snow Crystals, which can be traded for rare items!

2. Shalom! Happyville is Back
(December 20, 2010 – January 5, 2011)
The Festival of Lights is all about celebrating freedom and it's never been more appropriate than right now! Enjoy all your favorite holiday events including the Quest for Torr's Horn! Transform yourself with Cliff's potion! Mazel Tov!

Season's Greetings, Maplers!
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