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New login system ~
Dear Maplers,

We announced on January 28 that MapleStory will be changing the method for starting the game (click here for more info). To prepare for this change, MapleStory will have an update this week that will make a change to the login procedure for the game.
When you log into MapleStory for the first time after 2/10/2010, you will be prompted to create a PIC (Personal Identification Code) on the Character Select screen. After you have a PIC you will no longer need to enter your old PIN at login.

A few notes on PICs:

1. PICs can be 6 to 16 characters long.

2. PICs can use letters and numbers and are case sensitive.

3. PICs are entered on the Character Select screen.

Happy Mapling!

- The MapleStory Team -
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1 moto   (2010-02-08 5:46 PM) [Entry]
only issue; is with removing the old pin system... someone could login to your account if they knew everything but the pin >____> which is bad for some people with old accounts

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