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since its related to the last post
Happy Australia Day!
Cause theres a lot of you in here
Facts about Australia!!!!
-Melbourne used to be bigger than Sydney and the two are basically rival cities and both wanted to be the capital so they stuck it in the middle of the two in a small town called Canberra where apparently nothing happens and is very boring
-Most poisonous animal in Australia (and the world) is not one of their infamous snakes or spiders that can kill you with one bite or eat you but is instead the box jellyfish which likes to hang around the coastline in some areas for the better part of the year.
-There was once a war with man against Emu's (a bird which looks like an ostrich found in Australia). The birds won.
-The first European settlers drank more alcohol per head than any other community in the history of mankind
-They literally lost a prime minister in 1967 and was never seen again
-They have the longest fence in the world, twice as big as the wall of China
-Ned Kelly is cool
-On August 17, 1980, Lindy Chamberlain, the wife of a church minister, told the police that a dingo had stolen her baby.
-Dropbears will attack you
-The botanist who was on Cpt. Cook's expedition when he landed in Botany Bay took so many plant samples back to London, that some still haven't been sorted through
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1 FabCluriCib   (2012-03-20 10:01 PM)
Hello all

So i'm thinking about to go to Canada soon, and We were thinking about which province must I see 1st ? Due to I don't know if I'm able to travel to each zone ... What a shame

I'm more a wildlife guy, and I'll be with my guys.

Any advice appreciated, thanks !

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