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10:54 PM
The cheesiest message ever posted. Ever. (also for W)
I was going to buy a smega but then I realised that A) idk anyone that sells smega's anymore and then I sadly realised that cool I forgot which char I put my mesos on. oops. So I'm making this instead (I hope I have not angered the god of forums : motobff (since I didn't really ask for permission ;x (plz no whip)

Once upon a time a scared little priest boy xfered to bello from scania and happened upon a certain fm that happened to have a certain level 200 bishop. After having an awesome convo this level 200 bishop (omg so high lvel!!!11!!) bl'ed the scared little priest thus becoming my first friend in bellocan. Eventually the level 200 bishop quit and decided she thought that actually, shadowers are one bad ass motherfucker, and made DoodIed. By this point the scared little priest had had his priest scammed and deleted by a certain asshole from scania who came to bellocan the same week as him, and then ran off to windia. The level 200 bishop (now the awesome bandit) in an act of awesomeness helped leech the now useless cleric while she was leeching her awesome dit. By now they were pretty awesome friends and did awesome stuff (including getting married and having an awesome pink chat of awesomeness) Over the next few months they had some pretty awesome lulz together (like trying to get the now priest/bishops pussy to play with the awesome dit/shad's dog over webcam and having the grace to watch her music video before anyone else) Skip forward many many months and the awesome shad is about to hit 200 and the nooby now bishop (who the shad helped level to 120 (also with the help of a certain awesome latvian himes partner (and a certain awesome brazillian chick who will probably never see this)) (i should also point out that the nooby bishop never really trained that hard without the awesome shad as his partner)) has been quit for many months. and although he tried to be there to watch the girl who helped him inadvertently out of a 3 year depression and probably would have quit a lot sooner and would have never joined Forsaken's achievement that she has worked hard on for many months he couldn't be there. So congrats Tess smile

ps: you suck
pps : not really

tl'dr :

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3 Aatrox   (2011-03-30 4:49 PM)
my depressing school day turned into laughter f3

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2 Tess   (2011-03-30 2:47 PM)
I love you <3

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1 FurryWalls   (2011-03-30 1:44 AM)
damn, tess is pretty sexy in that video.

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