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Blue Beanie

The unlikely hero of the story is a tiny, plump white woodland creature whose prized possession, a very dapper blue beanie, is stolen one day when he leaves it out to dry. Most of us would write it off as long gone, but our hero is not about to let it get away that easily. Despite his small stature, he's off to rescue his beloved beanie no matter what the odds, and what follows is one of the most charming games we've had the pleasure of playing in a long time.

For the most part, game play is straightforward pointing and clicking. Move your cursor around the area, and watch for it to turn into a hand to show you can interact with something. Clicking on it might make something amazing happen… or not. Often, you have to figure out the correct order to click on objects to proceed, which requires a bit of trial and error since most of us have little experience being tiny woodland sprites. Occasionally, you'll also use the mouse to steer your little hero safely around obstacles, or to clear a path for him. The game never tells you exactly what you should be doing — although it does nudge you gently in the right direction if you pay attention — so a bit of patience and a lot of experimentation is required.
blue beanie
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