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Red remover

If the blocks are light red, no problem, just click once and they're history! However, blocks of a deeper crimson hue are not fooled by your clever mouse-wrangling. Dispense with these using your double-edged sword of momentum and gravity. Yes, there is gravity. Oh, is there ever gravity!

There are some cheap attempts to add replay value by introducing pars halfway through (meaning you only get to see how well you did on the first 20 levels after the fact) and by offering a "bonus mode" where you get to replay the levels with a totally unfair handicap. By beating every level in par and in bonus mode, you gain access to 5 bonus levels, a mere crumb for your efforts. Luckily, Gaz has also included a level editor, so you can make your own levels and share them with other Red Remover fans.

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