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Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Quitting MS - YYUMMMY
Quitting MS - YYUMMMY
wwilsonzDate: Friday, 2012-07-20, 4:16 AM | Message # 1
Pink Zakum
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got hacked. long story.

if anyone sees these items in the FM:

*21% luk, decent door thief empress hat (i think with 14atk)
*8 atk, 12%luk tree branch nose
*Evolving ring 2 and 3 (lv 17)
*21 atk, 21% luk earrings
*15% luk VIP necklace
*15%luk htp
*18% luk piretta thief top
*21%luk white cape
*183 atk, 50% boss, 12% tot damage empress thief claw (metal fist)
*15% luk, 8 atk pharoah belt
*9% luk, 15% max. crit dmg, 32 attack thief empress gloves
*35 attk, 18%luk vss
*3 x epic luk 3L thief tops with 3% luk each
*a lot of untradeable items dropped, like legendary thief medal (200), and those event items that can not be obtained anymore. (idk why the hacker did this, or even who)
*4 rows (16) of balanced furys
*my chairs: bloody rose, miwok chair, and i forgot the last one.

could you please inform me, its most likely being sold by the hacker if he/she isnt using it for him/herself

anyway, if you wanna stay in contact with me,
my MSN:
skype: wilsonn123
steam: aL | wilson123

<3 forsaken

Added (2012-07-20, 5:16 AM)
ive only informed the ones inside the guild. for the people outside of the guild that wants to contact me or w.e, feel free to give them my details. i prefer to keep private the fact that i got hacked, so if someone outside the guild ever mentions that i got hacked and is not someone whose meant to konw, hel/shel be an immediate suspect, for i am still tracking my hacker.

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SoCalHawtieDate: Friday, 2012-07-20, 4:53 PM | Message # 2
Wanna play a game? ;)
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As of 7/16/12, Nexon announced severe hacking activities. So perhaps they will restore your account.

Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Quitting MS - YYUMMMY
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