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Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Maker skill quest (hint: work, lots of work)
Maker skill quest
motoDate: Wednesday, 2009-07-29, 3:31 AM | Message # 1
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Every 5 levels from 45 to 105 there are training quests for maker which involve forging more and more complex and valuable items for the Alchemists. These quests give good EXP and they're fairly easy, but most of them require items from all over the world, so doing them one at a time will make you waste a lot of time on boats. Therefore, it's a pretty good idea to gather up the items before time. I made this list for my own use but I thought I'd share it. I also included the items needed to upgrade the skill level so this is basically everything you need for Maker.

Do note that some quests needed the same item so if you're not 105 you may not need this much material. Also I tried to put the monster that the etc dropped from (I'm not sure I put the right name for some of them) but if you need to know where they come from just ask.

level 45, earn Maker
1. Talk to Carson
2. Talk to Hughes
3. Return to Stan for his quiz: answers are 2nd, 3rd, 1st

1 Low Grade Monster Crystal C (level 30-50 monster etcs)
10 Seal skin
5 Thimble (Black Porky)
5 Pin cushions (Red Porky)
20 Jr. Yeti Skin
3 Dragon Skin
30 Pieces of Strong Mithril (Reinforced Mithril Mutae)
30 Processed Wood
15 Steel Plates
19 White Powder
100 White Fang Tails
1 Blue Powder
25 Straw Dummies
25 Mr. Alli Skins
70 Wires (Roids)
7 Laser Guns (Mecateon)
7 Screws
1 Brown Powder
30 Dark Rash Furballs
10 Lucida Tails
1 Red Powder
30 Harp Feathers
70 Soft Feathers
12 Blood Harp Crowns
1 Blood Harp's Tail Feather
36 Stiff Feathers
30 Red Belts (Panda)
30 Kentaurus Flame (Red Kentaurus)
30 Spirit Viking's Flags
5 Firebomb Flames
30 Lime Powder (Bone Fish)
1 Wisdom Crystal
10 Diamonds
1 Star Rock

Level 75, Maker level 2
1 Mid Grade Monster Crystal C (level 71-80 Monster etcs)
(Note: This could fail, so you should probably collect more than one. Homunculus at Magatia are a good place to make these)

Level 105, Maker level 3
Crumpled Recipe (obtained from box under Stan)
6 Gold Plates
1 Lidium
2 Steel Plates

credit: IsaacGS of forums

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MikkoDate: Sunday, 2009-08-02, 3:59 PM | Message # 2
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Thanks for posting this happy . I should probably start doing the quests soon too.

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Forsaken Forum » General convo » General Discussion » Maker skill quest (hint: work, lots of work)
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