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Hi everyone, its moto (motomage). Tristan will now have access to the site as an admin to update. we appreciate everyone being so understanding while many of the JR's are inactive currently.

while i don't know of everything that's occurred in the guild over the past few months i know their has been some drama and a few people have left, hopefully once some JR's are active again we can handle these situations.

if you are a member who left please contact me via here or private message/forums as to why. i give we have had a lack of communication about the guild from me and other JR's and i do apologize for that. hopefully in the coming months we can reorganize the guild leaders to get the guild in working order again.

that said, i know for me personally that i will never be able to devote the time i once put into maplestory, again. i will however be able to come on enough to operate some bossing and guild operation.

i have also heard the game has become hacker infested again and in turn has made boss running difficult, stick it out guys!

i hope everyone is doing great and that life is treating you well!

~ moto

edit: old items from zakum and ht runs are still being held and have NOT been sold. selling these items and distributing the mesos for these items at the present time would be difficult given; JR's going inactive for the past few months, current inactivity of the main leaders due to school/life, contacting people who have quit; people who are inactive for split pick up, finding and gathering lists for everyone who attended and what items belong to what run due to some people being MIA.

hopefully sometype of resolution will araise in the coming months to see the disturbution of these items. (this only effects a small portion of zakum drops from november 08 and ht runs from september to november 08, or five ht runs in total, all other meso, old and current was and has been given to dd or handed out)

if you have an issue regarding forsaken and meso/items, please contact me by emailing

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