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As of lately the site has seen an increased activity in Google ad bots creating a horde of user accounts and creating
spam. A mass removal of users has been dispatched so I apologize if your account matched certain criteria and was removed.

This mass removal only applies to the group "User" and did not take effect on other user groups.

Also the current guild banner has been removed and a future design will be up shortly. (by 'shortly' we mean a very long time)
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Welcome to Forsaken guild's website

  We are a Maplestory guild in Bellocan consisting of active and high level players from around the world. Feel free to look around and if you would like, go on to the forums and give an introduction of yourself.

×Forsaken Administrators×

Information will be posted soon

  We take your privacy and information very seriously and handle it with care. Four guild members (motomage, BluexDesire, iTess and TheMoguI) have access to users personal information uploaded to the site (email, etc). All information you enter on your profile may be hidden at your request. Your email will remain hidden and there is no option to make your email public. At no time will any admin of the site ever give our your information.

  You are required to provide an active email address, you will be asked to verify your email and will not have full site access until you do so.

Login issues/lost information
  Contact IGN: motomage or IGN: BluexDesire for assistance with your login information. You can also request to have your password sent to you.

User groups
  • If you are a friend of the guild or an alliance member, upon registering you'll be able to choose to join your registered group. Once applying please allow 1-4 days for a site admin to verify your membership into the site users group in which you applied, in the mean time you'll have limited access on the site.
  • To speed up this process please contact a Forsaken JR in game. Only users in the alliance/guild or friends user groups will have access to permitted areas on the site. Please make sure you have your status on the site upgraded to fully partake on the website. 
Forsaken forum guidelines and information…
  •   The forum is open to all visitors and registered users, not all forums are open and some are only visible to guild members/friends (see usergroups). You must make an account to have full forum access, guests may only view services and market forums.
  •   To access all BBS code options click "+"
  •   Audio player; at the present time, isn't guaranteed to work with Internet Explorer and the site is best viewed with Firefox
  •   Any registered user may use the reputation system
  •   Any registered user may use the private message system.
  •   Any registered user may grant awards to a forum member (some awards are group exclusive)
Forum FAQ
  •   to post a video directly to the forum use the following code: [video] video link (youtube etc) [/video]
  •   zakum log is only viewable to guild members and may not also be updated with the split amount
  •   Some forums are exclusive to certain user groups.
Site guidelines and information…
Guild information & recruitment
  •    Guild information and rules are available along with full information on recruitment. You must be registered to fill out the recruitment form.
  •    Recruitment forms are posted on the site 2-5 days after being received.
  •    Questionnaires are posted in a public and private forum for discussion and voting. For full information on our recruitment policy and operation can be found here.
Zakum helmet
  •    Zakum buyer information can be found here.
  •    AutoVIP allows you to purchase a helmet from forsaken through the website and the order form can be located here. You must be registered on the site to send an order.
  •    buyer status here. (currently suspended for security purposes)
  •    quest information and help can be found here.
Tag board/Feedback/Questions/support/suggestion
  •    If you'd like to comment, leave feedback for a guild service you acquired or looking for support you may do so here.
  •    You do not have to be registered to use the tag board. If you are looking for support or asking a question please provide an email. Allow 1-3 days for an answer (an answer will be posted on the tagboard and sent to your email)
  •    The arcade is accessible to all site visitors. You must be registered to vote. You may comment without being registered.
  •    If you would like to submit a game to be added please suggest the game (with a link) on the tag board.
  •    All download only games have been verified to be safe. Some download games may be trial only (1-3 hours of gameplay before having to reinstall).
  •    Ad's will play on some games, you may skip an add. FYI: The website does benefit from the AD's through a revenue sharing platform with Mochi; clicks = $$$ to expand the website.
Site PM's
  Registered users may send/receive private messages. Forsaken members may mass dispatch messages.
  •    A skype group buddy list has been added The list has been put up to better communication. If you would like to participate please tell me and i will add you to the list. Friend and alliance members are welcome to join it.
  The guild twitter is an open account. Guild members may have access to it, please ask a JR for the information.

  The chat system is open to all site users. It is recommended that you make a chatango account to fully enjoy the chat box. Unless you clear your internet history you will remain logged in, requiring you to log in very rarely.

Security note(s)
  •   The "real name" you entered when signing up will show up in some areas of the site if you submit information (IE guest book), please edit this if its a security issue.
  •   User information can be edited at anytime by going to your profile (Located on the top-right)
  •   You can add IM contacts via your profile.
If you have any questions or want to report an error please contact us by leaving a message in the support/feedback forum or commenting here.
We thank you for your support

[updated August 14th 2010]
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Although it's a tad bit late, a new forum layout is here! Please report any bugs you find by posting it on here.
:) ! Happy New Year!
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In order to prevent unnecessary spam on our forums, changes to the user groups have been implemented due to the increasing number in advertisement bots. You will be asked to verify your email and will not have full site access until you do so.

If you have problems accessing any of your account features.
Please PM IGN: BluexDesire (fourm name: xFlipy) or IGN: SoRusted (fourm name: Lew)
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I thought it would be fitting to announce that is currently rated in the top 30 sites hosted by ucoz. At rank 8. given all the gaming fan sites and guilds that use ucoz as a host, i really consider it an honor to have ucoz name us top gaming related site on the network.

Thank you to everyone who has turned the site into what its become, along with a special kudos to the few who have kept the site alive and updated 

& no, this isn't an april fools joke :) links provided above. lawl.
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Happy Holidays Guys!
I hope you enjoy the holiday themed layout.
If you didn't notice, Dd is a snowman in the middle >:D
If you see any kinks regarding text not being seen, etc. Let me know on skype :-)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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Forums have been rearranged/merged for better use. New recruitment applications have also been posted.

The Party Line forum is for members looking for or wanting to host events, boss runs or who are in need of training partners.

Addition of new site admins will be announced soon.

A list of members being considered for in game JR's will be posted in the weeks to come. I'm hoping to have new guild JR's active sometime next month. An official thread will be posted soon.

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Site and forum may be down/non working sporadically over the next few days as i "clean" the site. i updated user groups (sorry for the delay to people who have been waiting to be moved) and merged a few forum sections.

once again looking for active guild members on the site who would be interested in posting maplestory news and keeping the section current. i may be merging the new section into the forum itself, but only if one or two people are interested in moderating maplestory news.

i'm also looking for one person to take tristans place in handling site mail. this includes applications, support tickets etc. at the present time this handled by me and tess but i would prefer having another person take responsibility in case were both inactive.

finally, a reminder: if anyone has any graphics they would like to submit for use on the site... post on forums pls!

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Site user groups have been updated. 

If you find that you were incorrectly moved out of your proper group please comment below.

To be fair about applying rules, over time some members who are currently out of guild will have their permissions reduced on guild forums.

Site administrators remain unchanged. New moderators are SoCalBro13stephybabeNaotaaAquires and Travel.

Note: Chat box is now back for internet explorer users
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Fixed/updated the guild blog and burn book. Guild members can now freely post an entry. Any topic is welcome. Blog is private to guild members and alliance friends.

please leave feedback if you experience any issues using the blog. Burn book now works in IE but hasn't been fully tested.

You may still submit a private entry or issue through the submit form.

I'm also aware that some games within the arcade are broken/missing. this will be fixed over the next few days.

some forum sections (bubble bath) will be missing for a few days.
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