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Hey Forsaken fam, if your planning to pick up MS2 consider joining us in NA west! A few of us have a spirtual forsaken sucsessor in MS2. Yes, we tried to get the forsaken guild name but missed it. Sad face.

[Faith] is a semi-hardcore guild, primarily focused on PVE content. We are an extremely active and social community where you will always be able to find a group to quest, farm, or do dungeons with. Our members are helpful and understanding. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and friendly environment where everyone can learn and conquer content at whatever pace is comfortable to them.

  • Region: North America
  • Server: NA West
  • Playstyle: Semi-Hardcore PvX
  • Total Trophies: 125k
  • Guild Rank: 8
  • Guild Level: 15

The bedrock of faith is friendship. Our goal is having a guild where players can feel welcome, known and open to expressing who they are and their opinions. To foster this, we ask that all members be active, friendly, communicative and enjoy the company of fellow guild members.

If you are interested in joining

⦁ Join our recruitment chat on our discord (link:, once you join please post a SS of your main
⦁ Send in-game mail to Moto or Madoka (lightoutside)

Have fun, be safe, and keep the [Faith]!

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Forsaken <3 Thinking of you guys and thankful for the great times!

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Feel free to stalk us on PSN! You might just end up in a video. :)



Category: Guild | Views: 19582 | Added by: xFlipy | Date: 2014-05-31 | Comments (0)

Congrats to Forsaken/Pirates guild & friends (well, Cami) on Bellocans first known legit Hell Mode Gollux kill!

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Typical So Productions is now on air!~

Check out Brians(DexlesILLBIS) new YT channel.

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What are we L> for?

- Active, friendly Maplers
- Mature, yet funny and talkative
- No age requirement!

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Congratulations to our New Member!

Congratz Sammy!
Category: Guild | Views: 2067 | Added by: Lew | Date: 2012-05-25 | Comments (2)

Applications will not be posted from today onwards.

Recruitment will open in a few months time.
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Lisaril (RaiCedes)
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