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Hello Bitches <3

While I’m returning to the game in some capacity, I’m returning for a pure fun factor. I will not devote the amount of time I once did to the game/guild but I will put enough time and effort in to once again grow the guild and increase activity. Given that I returned to only play when I have the time or feel like devoting time to the game I no longer plan to micromanage people or issues, if I have a shorter fuse it’s because of this.

I wrestled with the idea of leaving the guild and joining up with others to avoid having maple eat up any large amount of my time but I’ve found many of the guilds existing members too complicated to part with. Given how many of you stayed I feel it’s important to try and reorganize the guild. Many have also been concerned over how inactive the server has become, not knowing what they would do if the guild continued to deteriorate.  

The following is what I feel is important to get the guild going, I ask members participate however possible! Suggestions and comments are of course always welcomed.

Guild morale:

Trash the guild, you're out. I’m not going to deal with drama and past issues. History is just that, history. I ask that current members support the guild by advertising our site/helms on shops, forums and in game. If you have a friend you would like to recommend joining the guild, pleasing wait and few days before doing so. Be active with the guild and site (to stay on top of news/planned events) and be more communicative! The site is here for a reason, if you can’t find me online message or post here.


Beginning this week (May 4th - 10th) OR next week (May 18th - 24th), I will begin re-hosting zakum runs. I plan to host three days a week until activity in the guild and or server picks up. The three days will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. DD or another JR may decide to host on other days or weekends.

Due to the overall inactivity level of the server/guild I plan to look for a more broad based squad for zakum runs (that I will be hosting). First priority will always be given to guild members, followed by C'est la vie members and finally, friends of the guild who would like to join the run/squad.

A post will be put up later if you have a friend who would to zakum periodically with us. (4th job only please). Sign up for the weeks run (that i will be hosting) will be posted every weekend here and on BBS for early sign up.


Any run will be scheduled before hand and most likely in tandem with C'est la vie.


look into joining bello squad or wait for the activity level to pick up. If things become more lively DD will attempt a run. We currently have the funds to pay for run(s). I plan to MTS some old items to raise nx for the guild.

Guild bank:

I plan to assess the bank and handle past splits/old item sales over summer with also expediting the splits process for future boss runs to avoid issues.

Member assessment:

We will assess the current members in the guild to determine if they should remain or be kicked for the sake of; downsizing, shedding inactive members. This will fully depend on the activity level of a member, prospects of their return.


Open recruitment, changed application process with focus on new members who are looking for a community guild to enjoy the game with. Applicants looking to benefit with items/meso will be weeded out; there will be no more Mr. nice moto. I will no longer be involved in "maple drama" and sort out your issues. I will kick new members freely if they cause trouble. I want team players who are friendly, active and will accept some level of responsibility in the guild and will work towards its betterment.

No more storing recruits in other guilds.

I plan to reopen recruitment myself in a few days.

Lastly I want to thank the members who stayed with the guild (and supported each other) during its downtime. For me, it has disproved the fodder about the guild not having any true ties with each other. Personally I find the guild refreshing with fewer members and focused around members who truly enjoy the guild. I look forward to working, playing and seeing you guys in game, again! (BBS/forum will be cleaned, scrubbed and updated. out with the old, in with the new D:)

Note: some users may not be able to login to the site; i plan to fix user accounts over the next day or two. if you are having issues please comment this news post with your IGN.

~ Management 

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