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     4 Candle Event     
                        Dates: 5.7.09 ~ 6.16.09    

Help Gaga make a birthday cake and win prizes! Visit Gaga in any town to begin the 4 Candle quest! Gaga will give you one candle to keep lit for forty minutes. After keeping the candle lit for forty minutes, you'll get one piece of birthday cake. You'll need to collect four pieces to complete the 4 Candle quest.  Random users will be chosen to win in-game items, cash items, and offline prizes each day until the event period is over. If you're lucky, you can win a MapleStory skinned laptop!

(Note: If you log out of the game before the forty minutes is up, you will lose the candle, and no cake will be given. Any pieces of cake you do earn throughout the event period will stay with you until you complete the quest.)

EXP timetable

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