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karma scissors:

Zakum helms

If you acquire your helm through the guild for free and ask for a reloot due to selling the previous helm, you will be asked to pay a fee for the next helm. If you sell a scrolled zakum helm and want to reloot for scrolling you may reloot for a fee per helm. If you wish to rescroll/reloot and didn't sell your previous helms, your welcome to loot for free.

Fees may obviously be paid through split if you wish.

If you are found to be attempting to profit off the guild through free reloots you will be blocked from zakum or may even be removed from the guild.

Horntail pendant

If you sell your HT pendant and acquired it through a forsaken HT run you will pay a fee to reloot a pendant and the first egg when dealing with our independent HT run. We do have a log of all forsaken HT runs and who looted/used items.

If you sell a HT pendant you acquired through the official bellocan squad and think there is any chance you may want another HT pendant later, PLEASE speak with dean or any other user who handles the official squad. Selling your previous pendant may be taken as you profiting off the squad and may in turn effect how your relooting works in the future. Take note.

Guild boss squad:

Zakum changes

If yuki pays for a 2x drop card for the run we have asked him to take 7.5 million meso from the nights run for payment.

We plan to bring two lvl 50 mules to zakum starting sometime this week to loot extra zakum helms and lvl 10 skills (IE tt 10). These items will be karma scissored by me (moto), dd or yuki. The money will be split amongst the people who ran at that nights run.

Finally, we are looking for a member who can religously come to zakum nightly (you also must be able to be a main attacker) to gift a 2x card to. This will lower our 2x drop cost expence.

Payment for doing a users quest is 8m.

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