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Alliance event
Alliance event: #5
Time: 9AM PST / 12PM EST
Date: Sunday 26th of July
Location: ask

Event description: Race to Lv 10.
Approximate event duration 45 mins ~ 1 hour

This event consists of 3 parts. Each part will be on consecutive weekends (26th July, 2nd August, 9th August). If you miss one of the parts, you can still participate in the next as long as you satisfy each pre-requisite but will, however, not receive any participation points if you do not attend that particular event.

Pre-requisite: Your character must be Lv 1 and must be on the first map of Maple Island. You’re allowed to make it in advance with IGN pre-fixed by the first letter your guild’s name. For example, if you’re from Pirates, you need to create a character starting with the letter “P”.

  • Before the event starts, you will be invited to the alliance’s mule guild.
  • The goal of the event is to level your character to Lv 10 as fast as you can.
  • To be eligible to get participation points, you will need to get to Lv 10 before the event ends.
  • You will be allowed to do quests but not to use double EXP cards.
  • No sign up required (full thread can be found on the forums -> alliance)
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