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The Mu Lung Dojo

Do you think you can defeat boss after boss to reach the top of the Mu Lung Dojo to challenge Mu Gong? Users level 25 and above can go in with a party of at least 3 members or take the challenge alone. You can enter the Mu Lung Dojo by clicking on the Mu Lung Dojo Bulletin Board placed in almost all major towns. While in the Mu Lung Dojo, players cannot use any consumable items in their inventory. They must rely on the items dropped by the spawned monsters to recover HP and MP. While fighting in the Mu Lung Dojo, a special energy gauge will fill up to allow the use of special finishing moves. Players can earn one of 5 martial arts belts depending on their score from the dojo. Each belt has special stats but the Black Belt is the best of the best and has the highest stats. 32 medals can also be earned for continued fighting in the dojo. If Mu Gong, the master, is defeated 100 times, players can receive the Mu Lung Dojo Vanquisher Medal, the ultimate Mu Lung medal to possess.

Monster Carnival 2

Monster Carnival 2 has arrived! Just like Monster Carnival 1, this is a competitive quest in which 2 parties enter and hunt monsters the opposing party has summoned. This time, the monsters are stronger, the prizes greater, and there are even titles at stake! The party that earns the most Carnival Points wins! Use CP to summon more powerful monsters, use Skills to weaken or slow down your opponents, or Protectors to give your team?s monsters a buff to become more powerful. Collect Shiny Maple Coins and trade them with Spiegelmann to earn Spiegelmann?s Necklace of Chaos. The player with the most wins earns the Absolute Victory Carnivalian Medal. But if you have the highest winning percentage, then you?ll earn the Gifted Carnivalian Medal.


Back-to-School Events

Collect Alphabet Pasta letters and spell MAPLESTORY, WIZET, or NEXON to be rewarded with rare ores, scrolls, or equips! (08.26.09 ? 09.22.09)

Cassandra is giving out back-to-school gifts too! Go see her in any town and just for logging in that day she?ll give you a gift of Alphabet Pasta, Fat Sausage or Barbeque. She might part with some rare alphabet letters, so be sure to see her every day! (08.26.09 ? 09.22.09)

Aramia is also back in school and participating in a book drive. Collect Aramia?s Books for Aramia and she?ll reward you with Alphabet Pasta or various consumable items. Once she has collected all of her books she?ll put on a fabulous fireworks show that attract monsters. (08.26.09 ? 09.22.09)


Giant Centipede

Blue Mushmom

Snack Bar Card

Big fixes

· The problem with getting a new engagement ring has been resolved.

· The issue of users already receiving the permission even when they do not have the officiator?s permission has been fixed.

· Users will be kicked out of Horntail Cave if Horntail isn?t summoned in 15 minutes.

· The issue of pet not being deactivated upon entering Ariant Colosseum has been fixed.

· The issue of users not being able to pick up items or mesos when only the Magic Scale is equipped is fixed.

· The use of Dark Sight and other skills in a map that disables skills has been fixed.
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