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MapleStory Ver. 076 Update Notes

New Content!

Cash Shop Surprise

Cash item Gachapon is here! Head to the Cash Shop and buy a Cash Shop
Surprise, and then click to open it and get a random Cash Shop item.
You can get all kinds of items, even a Pink Bean pet that never expires!

Gaga the Talent Show Star

Log on between now and 10/20/2009 to help Gaga fulfill his dream of
becoming a talent show star. How can you help? By catching fish of
course! Collect fish nets from mobs around Maple World and then talk to
Gaga in any town to access a special fishing map. Collect enough fish
and Gaga will reward you.

Spirit Week

MapleStory has lots of spirit and we're showing it by giving our users
a special reason to log in every day. Each day brings a new surprise,
from free items, to scroll upgrades. So be sure to check out every day
of our Spirit Week from now until 10/23/2009.

Royal Hair Coupon Returns

Big Headward is back in Henesys dishing out the new 'dos. You can buy
the Royal Hair Coupon in the Cash Shop, take it Big Headward in the
Henesys Beauty Parlor and get a random new hair style fit for royalty.
In addition to his previous, exclusive styles, Headward is now offering
two never before seen 'dos. Check out the Royal Hair Coupon between now
and 10/20/2009.

Gachapon Update

Reverse items have been added to the Gachapon for a limited time! These
amazing items grow with your character as you gain levels and EXP. Try
your luck at getting these items before 10/20/2009!

MTS Update

We've updated the MTS with hundreds of previously unlistable items that
users can now buy, sell, and auction. In addition, items modified with
Vicious' Hammer can now be listed on the MTS as well. Check out the
link below for a full list of all the items you can now list on MTS.

Monster Carnival 2 Event

From now until 10/20/2009, all participants in the Monster Carnival 2
PQ will receive more EXP! Win or lose you'll still get more EXP than
ever before. And for those that complete 100 rounds of Monster Carnival
2 during this period, there is a special medal from Spiegelmann
himself. There has never been a better time to play Monster Carnival 2!

Cash Shop Sales

Every week from now until 10/20/2009 different items will be on sale in
the Cash Shop! Be sure to check out the Cash Shop each week to see
which hot items are on sale.

New Items

Fervent Carnivalian Medal
Fish Net

New Quests Added

new quests can be found via Cassandra and gaga. Tuesday and Thursday only quests via Cassandra: stay on for on hour and receive a owl/vip rock.

New Maps/Zones

Cassandras Shore: A special map to fish on. Talk to Gaga to go here.

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