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Due to limited guild space, if you create an aran we welcome you to join our cygnus/2nd char guild: Demonic. If you have a second char currently in forsaken and you would wish to remove it to make room for your aran, feel free to ask a JR. Although, if you become inactive on the char it may be removed when room is needed. Any chars in demonic stay put.

To join Demonic please ask the guild or a JR, many members have an account with JR status in the guild. We will also give long time members JR status in demonic to help moderate and add people.

For members wondering; we are asking if the guild can join the alliance for the time being to help connect the guilds. As time goes by, if your aran becomes a main char you play we will accommodate you into the main guild.

Weither the mule/2nd guild joins the alliance, alliance members are always welcome to join the guild as well on their arans (as we did with cygnus).

Thank you~
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