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Dear Maplers,

MapleStory will soon be moving to a new method for starting the game client. Rather than launching the game from your desktop, the game will be launched directly from the official MapleStory website. Once the game is patched, the icon on your desktop will now direct you to the official MapleStory website. At the website, simply log in with your Nexon ID, click on the large "Start Game” button and the game will launch. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My desktop MapleStory icon now takes me directly to the MapleStory website. How do I start MapleStory now?

A: Simple. Once you’ve arrived at the official MapleStory website, you will see a large button that says "Start Game.” Clicking on that and using your ID and password to log in will launch the game.

Q: What does start MapleStory from the website mean?

A: MapleStory is introducing a new method of starting the game in which players will be directed to the official MapleStory website ( in order to start the game client rather than starting the game directly from the desktop.

Q: Why are you switching to launching MapleStory from the website?

A: Moving to launching from the website allows us to do several things for our players:

- It allows your game and web experience to be combined into a single log in. You will now be logged in to all of Nexon’s websites whenever you use Start MapleStory from Website. This should make it easier for players to find game information, get technical support and switch between games.

- It helps us to better communicate with our players. By placing messages of importance on the website (in-game events, maintenance notices, technical issues, update notifications and the like), we can be sure of reaching you as you log in to the game.

- The website is already available when exiting the game. This ensures that any emergency message affecting gameplay will be visible.

- It allows us to display Web-only and community event notifications that help us enhance your MapleStory experience.

Q: Will this affect the game or how I play the game?

A: No. The only thing that is changing is how you start the game. This does not change the game or gameplay in any way.

Happy Mapling!

-The MapleStory Team-
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