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Evan is coming and he’s looking for other brave Dragon Masters to blaze a trail of peace and justice across Maple World! Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

From March 31 through May 5, 2010, your Evan can take part in the Trailblazer Evan event! What do you need to do? Simple enough--level up to 10, make the first job advancement, hack and slash monsters, and acquire "Evan’s Sweat Droplets.” Acquire enough of the tangible evidence of Evan’s hard work and you can turn them in to Cassandra for an awesome series of ever-escalating medals that offer EXP bonuses and potion discounts when equipped by an Evan.

Blazing a trail is rewarding work but you must take one step at a time. If you want the Beginner Evan Medal, you must first complete the quest required for Confused Evan Medal. If you want the Confident Evan Medal, you must complete the quest required for Beginner Evan Medal. Work hard enough to earn 3,000 Sweat Droplets and an Elite Evan Medal, and you have a tough call to make--choosing between the 60-day "Evan’s Trailblazer Medal,” and the permanent "Evan’s Eternal Trailblazer Medal.” Choose wisely because once you complete the quest to acquire either medals you can’t repeat the quest to get the other.

Tip: Sweat Droplets are tradable so if you have trouble earning them, make a trade with another Mapler or stop by the Free Market and see if anyone’s offering to sell theirs.

The work of a Dragon Master is hard, but hard work does have its rewards!
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