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Can it already be five years since MapleStory hit the global scene? Well, after five years of monster-bashing, GM events and more Pink Bean battles than you can track, this adventure’s just getting started! That’s why we’re taking the month of May to boogie down and party hearty while we celebrate a half decade of the most amazing story ever told!

Cake vs. Pie!

Forget Olympians vs. heroes, the real clash of the titans is the ultimate battle between epic forces of Cake and Pie! Where will you pledge your allegiance? Join the Cake or Pie faction and prepare to join the struggle. Maple World, much like your favorite dessert, is up for grabs!

More information coming soon!

It’s Raining Buffs

Nothing’s going to spoil our Fifth Anniversary Party--not even the weather. Even when it rains in the month of May, it’ll be awesome because it’s going to be raining GM Buffs in every major town every weekend for 30 seconds, three times a day! This will be true on the day of the anniversary, May 11th too, of course!

But make sure to visit your favorite town a little before the below times because you’ll only get the buff if you’re already in town when it begins to rain!

Five Year Reunion

You are cordially invited to a reunion of old friends you haven’t seen in years! Take a trip down memory lane and revisit some old NPCs you haven’t talked to for a while and do their quests. The door prize for this reunion is tons of EXP for each repeatable quest, but this reunion is only going on for one week!

Fifth Anniversary Rings

Let everyone know that you were there with a fine, FREE commemorative fifth anniversary rings!

More information coming soon!

Classic Maple Weapons

After five years there’s no rust on these beauties! Find all 20 classic Maple Weapons as drops all over Maple World!

Dragon Rider Party Quest

Uh oh. Looks like there’s an unwelcome guest crashing MapleStory’s Fifth Anniversary. All high-level Maplers will have access to a Party Quest that lets you fly and fight an interloping fire-breathing dragon! This party’s by invitation only, pal!

More information coming soon!

Monster Portrait

Blank canvas + some watercolors = prizes!

More information coming soon!

New Fifth Anniversary Durability Items

Yup, we got some party favors! There’s a whole new set of special equipment coming your way.

More information coming soon!
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