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Reports are coming from all over Maple World. UFOs! They’ve been spotted at Mu Lung Gardens and in the hunting grounds on Victoria Island. What do they want and what are they looking for? Could it be our beloved Gaga? Oh, no, Gaga is missing!

There is one clue though. A mysterious transmission from Gaga says that the aliens are planning to invade Maple World while everyone is busy participating in the 5th anniversary events!

It’s up to you to rescue Gaga and save the Maple World from annihilation!

Speak to Baby Moon Bunny in any town to get started tracking down Gaga. Chances are you'll find him where Gaga usually is. Save Gaga and you'll have a chance at winning the Pendant of the Spirit!

Rescue Gaga

Rescue Gaga multiple times to gain the following skills:

Moon Mine
There are 20 crystals on the map. Your default attack will break the default Emerald Crypto. Shooting the crystal with the upgraded space beam will turn it into a brown crystal. Breaking this brown crystal will yield a Brown Crypto.

Prize List:

For turning in 10 Emerald Cryptos and 10 Brown Cryptos:

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