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Update: Sign up closed. Private messages sent out. If you haven't received a PM please post in the event thread.

Please have all gifts handed into will or tess by the 22nd of December. Gifts will be handed out on December 25th (or later if your unable to be on).


For the past two christmas' I have been in guilds that have successfully organized this event and I know just how awesome it would be if it came to Forsaken seeing as we are just such an awesome group of awesome people.

For those who don't know what secret santa is:

Quote (My best friend Wikipedia)
Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift.

I'm going to have to put emphasis on the anonymous part of secret santa and I trust everyone here to not break that rule.

Okay, so I'm all game for this ballin idea how do I sign up?

To sign up please post in your thread that you are doing so and then PM me your wishlist and what not which is in the template at the end of this thread. Please be signed up by December 5th and at that time I will randomly generate who gifts to who.

Who do I give my presents to?

Will (Worldtravel/ParasoI) and Tess (iTess/Applaudes/Juew) will be collecting the presents on a mule called MySanta

When do I give my well thought out awesome home-wrapped gift?

You MUST give your gift by December 21st 11:59PM PST to either me or tess. Failing to do so will mean castration by the hoes of Forsaken.

When do I get my gift?!?!?!?!

Tess or I will give out gifts on December 25th and onward.

When do I know who I'm going to gift?

I will PM everyone individual on December 5th who they are gifting for.

What do I know to gift the person I'm assigned?

By their wishlist (scroll down)

What if their wishlist is too expensive for me? D:

A wishlist is just something the giftee is hoping to get.. if you're truly poor and cannot afford any of what the giftee is wishing to get, its also fine to get other stuff too. However I am making a Gift Range so it wont be such a difference (one year I gifted a 25k nx code and I got a Gen 20/Infinity 30 in return)


Please sign up in the thread and then PM Travel the following format: 
This is to help with secrecy around who is your santa biggrin

Quote (PM me this)

Gender of character: 
Wishlist: (Up to 10 items - please don't exaggerate and don't ask for items worthed more than an unreasonable amount) 
Gift Range: Refer below

Quote (Gift Range)

A = 10m-50m 
B= 51m-100m 
C= 101m-200m 
D= 201m-350m 
E= 351m-500m 
D= 501m-1b (for the true fm hoes in forsaken) (may be taken out) 

Happy Gift Raping happy 

Admin note: a very big THANK YOU to Santa Will and his Mrs. claus, Tess for hosting secret Santa this year!

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