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Feburary gacha update ~

In addition to containing Valentine’s Day, did you also know that February is American Heart Month? With that much love in just 28 days, how could we not share that love with our incredible Maplers? That’s why Gachapon has received three new updates that can spread the love all over Maple World!

New Couples Chair!
Spend a little quality time with the one you love with one of these awesome couple’s chairs. From February 19th through March 2nd only, you might get the new Choco Cake Chair and everyone’s favorite, the Amorian Loveseat. These chairs are available for two weeks only for the entire year. Get yours today!

Gachapon Food Coupon!
It looks like Gachapon is giving out a few extra sweets this month. When the Gachapon machine gives you the new Gachapon Food Coupon, just click on the machine again to obtain a random item that might include the new Unripe Onyx Apple.

More Erasers for the Time Traveler’s Free Pass!
What’s this? Gachapon must really love you because it’s giving out more erasers! You can trade these in to Andy in Neo City for a Time Traveler’s Free Pass! The Free Pass will allow you to use the Time Gate to hit Neo City high-level maps that usually require you to engage in a quest to explore!

Naturally, more erasers also mean better chance for all of you on the Hexagonal Crystal Necklace quest that earns you a Seal Cushion!

Can’t you just feel the love?

Looking to feel the love? Get some NX today!
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