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Two new areas ~

Hello Maplers!

Have you heard the rumors? There are incredible things happening in Maple World. Some are happy and exciting--like opening of the new Kerning Square Mall in Kerning City. Are you ready to shop in style and help a young entertainer’s dream come true all while enjoying new dungeons and PQs? Then there are darker tales unfolding. There are stories of a mad traveler in the wilds near Magatia bearing tidings of a terrible future…

Check out the details below:

Maple Idol at the Kerning Square Mall!

Dreams really can come true in MapleStory. Take Blake, a humble public service worker at the new Kerning Square Mall in Kerning City. He may not be much now, but he has the talent to become a superstar! Unfortunately there are evil Rock Spirits who are trying to steal Blake’s debut song and keep him from his destiny.

Blake needs heroes to help prepare the way, battle these evil spirits in a brand new dungeon and make sure the stage is secure for Blake’s big debut. Do you have what it takes to create the next big MapleStory superstar?

Fight for the Future in Neo City!

Andy is a madman who has recently been spotted in the wilds near Magatia. They say he tells a horrible story of machine feet trampling over the human race in the future and claims to be looking for brave adventurers to fight for the future of Maple World. Can we afford to believe this madman? Can we afford not to?

If you’d like to check out the truth of Andy’s story, Broker Han in Magatia has the scoop on a time traveler who has come back from the future to recruit Maple World’s mightiest heroes. It seems that in Neo City in the year 2503, the human race barely survives by scurrying under the metal feet of killer robots. That dark future doesn’t have to pass though. You can fight for the future in a huge new dungeon and make it a better one for all humanity!
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