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v.84 patch notes ~
New Content!

Kerning Square

o Content for players between levels 35 to 50. Located north of Kerning City via the Kerning Square subway line.

o New quests! Characters level 35 to 50 can take part in helping realize Blake’s dream of becoming a singer. Talk to Jake at the Kerning City subway station to start the quest.

o Can’t get enough of Kerning Square? There’s more! Start the repeatable quest to gain access to the VIP room to receive a special EXP bonus for killing monsters.

o A new dungeon has been added. The toys and wares of the department store have come alive!

§ Fight through 8 floors of deranged toys to get to the top of the tower.

§ Fight your way to the Spirit of Rock boss. Can you out rock him?

Neo City

o A suspicious wanderer has arrived in Maple World and he has brought bad news about the future of Maple World. It seems he has left clues as to the location of his whereabouts. Talk to Han the Broker in Magatia to get started.

Full patch info here
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