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Guild news for the 30th week of 2008

  • 3rd official horntail run is scheduled for august 8th @ 1:30PM PST, sign up is located in the BBS. Horntail guides can be found here

  • DD is on vacation in tijuana until further notice, yay (?) if local please feel free to stalk dd and take compromising photos that you can later sell to people like me for millions of meso.

  • Mintypixel and jenisaur are now JR's, feel free to abuse them with your whips, chains, questions, suggestions, issues and hate.
  • jenisaur is handling zakum helm sales now along with quikstrike, motomage and amans. Firemystery is on leave, leslie is on break.

  • New forums are up for JR/leader discussion, I'm asking that all JR's and leaders who have access take part in the discussions and offer their support.
  • Zakum runs are also being recorded on the forum as well as in game BBS for record keeping and better access/clarity.
  • Item drops from zakum are going to be used to fund HT runs unless noted by DD.
  • if anyone would like to submit a different website logo/header feel free to post, max dimensions are 900lx100h
post will update with any other events as the week progresses
thank you and cya in game~

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Wednesday, July 23rd:
Happy birthday to kerri (MizBea)

Happy birthday to Sold (tiffla)

The Unbirthday Song - Alice In Wonderland

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