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Welcome to forsakens newest member; xlFlipy

New guild p/c giver
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Welcome to forsakens newest member; cantophie
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     I feel like I should explain myself before people think I just quit on them.  Like many others, I do have a life.  I just graduated from college and is about to teach.  I won't be on as much because I got hired ... so I wanted to put some people in charge, so it losen my workload in the guild.  I won't be on as much like I used to.  I will still be around to check up on things.  
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Welcome to forsakens newest member; karancandy

feel free to abuse/harass and do what you see fit to him =]
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DD is hosting a bellocan lottery:

From his bellardia post:

If any of you guys are feeling lucky, then I propose Bello's Lottery.
If you are still interested, then this is how it works.

You will pay 250k per entry. You will pick 6 numbers ranging from 1-49 (I use a random generator to get the six numbers). If you get 4 numbers, then you will win 10 mils automatically. If you get 5 numbers correct, then you will 25 mils. If you get all 6 numbers correct, then you will win the potsize. If no one win, then whatever mesos that you guys gave me will go to the next lottery. The mesos will change accordingly to how many people plays. I will try to do this twice a day if I can. Otherwise, it will be one time each day.

I know some of you guys think it might be a scam, but I'm willing to put my reputation on the line. ALL mesos that is in this will go into one account rnotomage ( r n o t o mage), a mule. Contact me, Quikstrike, and I will get the six numbers from you.
Potsize atm: 202 mils and growing.

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Essential and friends horntail

Ed has invited forsaken members to sign up for the essential and friends horntail run

The run will occur on Sunday at 4PM PST

Sign up is located in the BBS or you can sign up here
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  • Currently planning a guild meeting for a guild SS next week, planning to hold it anytime from Thursday onward, please vote in the bbs post which day is better for you, will announce the date early next week
  • DD is back from vacation, all is well in bellocan

  • Zakum run time is up for re-vote, please vote and/or discuss it here
  • Zakum buyer policy/info has changed regarding regular buyers

  • Looking for members who are interested in hosting/creating guild events (even if scheduling for something like weekend guild PQ's), any ideas are welcome and you may use the event forum if you wish; new site poll regarding events will run for 20 days and it is multiple choice to get a feeling of what type of events people like, please vote!
  • Guild member only forums no longer require a key, they are only visible to members or jr's
  • If you would like to create and submit a new banner/header for the site, the max dimensions for a banner are 900 X 150, a copy of the header can be found here for sizing/website purposes, do not edit the image beyond where the blocks end on the right
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Happy birthday to caob45 (zachy), he is 7 y/o now

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