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The event will run for 14 days, ending Tuesday September 9th.
Top three prizes will be awarded based on who turns in the following first, any other participants past the first three will be entered into a lottery for 2x zakum drop split.
The event requires no expense, everything can be acquired/found in game for free.
With each SS, you need to be in the pic with the items somewhere in the pic.
update: smores lowered, but nothing else!, its an Olympic challenge, its not supposed to be easy F5
update: gold/silver won; bronze left, any others will be entered into group lottery


  1. 100 needle pouches
  2. 70 coconuts
  3. 60 peaches
  4. 10 smores
  5. 25 green apples
  6. 25 desert mist

  1. SS of yourself with a treasure chest and a lobster
  2. SS of yourself with a frying pan, bow of magical destruction and mystic cane
  3. SS of yourself with a beach/exercise ball(S)

1st: + 3x triple zakum split on a run of your choice
2nd: +
an item of 4k NX or less from CS
3rd: or an item of 5k NX or less from CS

Any other participants out of the first three will be entered in a lottery
for 2x double zakum split on the first zakum run you participate in after winning.

pet can be substituted with any other pet of same or lesser value.

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8 moto   (2008-08-28 8:11 AM) [Entry]
ingrid has won 2nd place, congrats~ worked prize out to be 10k nx instead of the stirge + nx

SS were sent to me and verified~

7 moto   (2008-08-28 4:59 AM) [Entry]
bala has won first place, congrats! ~ substituting nx for a swooping (black) stirge or reg stirge + 3x zakum split

SS were sent to me and verified~

6 Jeni   (2008-08-27 5:22 PM) [Entry]
DD is the king.

5 moto   (2008-08-27 4:41 AM) [Entry]
i saw that first one tiff =P unless dd edited it lol

4 istrbrycandy   (2008-08-27 2:26 AM) [Entry]
I love everyone. Peace.

3 Jeni   (2008-08-26 10:20 PM) [Entry]
Oh my God, what the hell. I don`t know what half of these things are.

2 moto   (2008-08-26 9:06 PM) [Entry]
get collecting coconuts D:< lol.

1 Jeni   (2008-08-26 8:50 PM) [Entry]
Wow, sounds fun @__@

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