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4:54 PM
Guild news update
Essential is interested in allying with the guild. Opinions are welcome, vote and please let us know how you feel about the alliance.

Personally, im interested in allying to help the guild with networking and increasing overall activity (chat/training/boss opportunities).
Essential has also been/will be helpful to our HT goals and with us also assisting essential in their first HT run.

Ed (eddiee69) and peter (vtstyles) lead the guild and are known by DD (not all the personal opinon of DD or what DD thinks) and me.

If you are opposed to the alliance please let us know why, thank you~
Essential website: can introduce yourself on the forum if you'd like
Site/guild news:
  • Site application feature fixed
  • Guild member page updated
  • Vote on new members
  • Guild is buying apples for fair market price
  • Tristan; p/c is needed in zakum thread, thanks :]
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7 Joyce   (2008-09-18 4:51 PM)
same. i don`t liek this idea too. pls don't ally sad


Answer: kk, please let one of us know why ^^ <3

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6 Contrastic   (2008-09-18 3:21 PM)
I don;t like the idea.
Answer: whys that? ^^

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5 Atobe   (2008-09-17 10:51 PM)
i could really care less.... sounds like it would be fun to talk with people and everything :)...... im for it as long as it doesnt cut into my moto time <3333

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4 Jeni   (2008-09-17 6:24 PM)
I made an account and posted on their forums. We`ll see how it goes ..

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3 Ingrid   (2008-09-17 2:39 PM)
i dont know anyone from there.
it would be a good idea to come and meet some of us. cool

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2 priestgaby   (2008-09-17 12:59 PM)
i know some members in there... it would be great to ally them! cool

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1 moto   (2008-09-17 12:54 PM)
ED and I have been friends on maple for a long time and have been in guilds together, i got to meet peter last month and has been very friendly and helpful

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