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Update on recruitment and voting
  • 9 people have applied and are up for vote. Because of the delay; if a friend of yours applied please let them know their vote is now up. As so many applied in the past two weeks please support your friends in their respective threads so the vote doesn't get lost amongst the few applicants that many in the guild do know.
  • to make room for new/future members im looking to clear out (at least some) inactive accounts or inactive second accounts/mules (IE musicallday/port). Advice/opinions welcome!
  • Posted a thread here to discuss guild size, opinions welcome
  • Remember to take your vote serious! if you don't know the person consider who's supporting the applicant and how they may be of help to the guild. I try to encourage people who will be unknown to alot of members to tell us as much about them as possible to help everyone make a decision.
  • Depending on how many join the guild in this current vote, the votes required to join may go up to 20 soon. Deciding how many votes will be needed to join is usually requiring half of the active members to vote.
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2 moto   (2008-10-14 1:40 AM)
since its more of a private issue i put a topic up in the guild only forum for this topic of when to close the guild to open recruitment:

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1 Jeni   (2008-10-13 10:53 PM)
We really need to stop recruiting ..

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