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7:55 AM
Gifting nerf
There have been a few changes in the Cash Shop to enhance security and convenience.

First, you'll notice that Nexon Cash has now been divided into two categories –
PayPal/Pay by Cash and Nexon Game Card Cash. Whenever you make a
purchase, you will now be prompted to select one of the now three
available payment options - PayPal/Pay by Cash, Nexon Game Card Cash
and Maple Points.

Second, the Gift Token section has been removed. As long as you have Nexon Game Card Cash, you'll be able to gift your friends.

Please remember that some items such as the Character Name Change and
Character Transfer can only be purchased with Nexon Game Card Cash.
These type of items are marked by an "N" emblem on the item icon.

-MapleStory Staff-

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2 L0deX   (2008-10-15 8:04 AM) [Entry]
that is a stupid way to enhance security. they just trying to screw us over. so you saying the 10x gift tokens on 2 of my accounts are useless now -.- sigh

1 moto   (2008-10-15 8:00 AM) [Entry]
greedy nexon strikes again D:<

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