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Patch data (updated)
Patch extraction info was posted by haha for v.70 on his forums, soon afterwards his site went down. leaving only word from the few people who got to see the data.

CWKPQ goggles upgraded (might be gacha only)
Item description:
"Description: Strange eyewear that allows vision in multiple dimensions. A short inscription states: "Who says the goggles do nothing?"

Hsalf's hat: (CWKPQ - might be gacha only)
Cake boss is back (in some type of mini dungeon/event dungeon)
there are 23 new quests
large cash shop sale coming
Quest UI changes (more info in game for quest help, possible tie to monster book)
MW30 from HT (though may not be "released" in this patch, may mean were getting JMS update? mw20 = zakum, mw30 = ht/PB)

quest to get PQ boss cards
info: "You can "buy" Special cards once a day with Maple Leaves. the first boss is Mano, and it took (in KMS) 500 leaves. Then Stumpy was 1,000, Deo was 1,500, etc. The amount needed for each boss went up by 500.

You do this via the guy Tienk in Lith Harbor. You can get King Slime and the other PQ boss cards in this way (Every special card except those two event mobs I believe.) The only catch is that you must be at least within 10 levels of the boss to buy it. So, to get King Slime you'd have to be at least 30."

event quests all end june 16th

The possible skill edits include: (update: confirmed by haha)

Common skills:

A new skill for 4th job:
• Hero's Will
Mastery Level 5: Relieves you from the seduction status (? may or may not be in patch)

in patch:
Level 1: 30 MP, cooldown 10 minutes
Level 2: 30 MP, cooldown 9 minutes
Level 3: 30 MP, cooldown 8 minutes
Level 4: 30 MP, cooldown 7 minutes
Level 5: 30 MP, cooldown 6 minutes

• Maple Hero's mastery level has been changed to 30
Levels 1~20: the same
Level 30: 15% increase in stats for 900 seconds

(patch data for v.70 was posted by removed a little after, some are saying it stated that maple hero will be upgraded to Lvl 30. Lvl 30 maple hero book would also drop from pink bean AND horntail. This evidently was updated in KMS aswell)

Warrior changes:

• Power Strike's Level 1 Damage is now 165%.
• Slash Blast's Level 1 Damage is now 72%.
• Mastered Hyper Body now lasts 300 seconds when mastered.
• Mastered Rage now increases weapon attack by 12.
• Threaten now works on boss monsters.
• Mastered Blizzard Charge (Sword) / Ice Charge (Blunt Weapon) now does 110% damage.
• Blast Range was increased.
• Mastered Sanctuary cooldown reduced to 20 seconds.
• Enrage's cooldown reduced to 6 minutes.
• Mastered Berserk is now 50% HP.

Magician changes:

• Elemental Amplication is now 140% damage when mastered (for I/L and F/P mages).
• Big Bang's cooldown reduced to 1 second.
• Chain Lightning's damage reduction has been reduced (Less damage taken off per monster that is passes).

Archer changes:

• Decreased the minimum range for shooting arrows. (This means that you can be closer and still fire)
• Increased the damage when you whack monsters.
• Level 1 Strafe now does 71% damage.
• Mastered Concentrate now lasts for 240 seconds (4 mins).
• Piercing's charge time reduced to 1 second.
• Mastered Sniping's cooldown reduced to 4 seconds.
• Increased the impact damage of arrow bomb.

Thief changes:

• Increased Band of Thieves's range.
• Increased Assaulter's range.
• Pickpocket's formula is now fixed.
• Increased Ninja Storm's range.
• Reduced Boomerang Step's delay.

Pirate changes: (no confirmation for pirate skill upgrade yet)

• Increased Fire Burner's & Cooling Effect's range.
• Reduced Dragon Strike's delay.
• Reduced Fist's delay.
• Reduced Energy Buster's delay.
• Increased mastered Rapid Fire's damage to 170%.
• Reduced time between Battleships to 90 seconds.
• You can now use every skill except for double fire, oak barrel, snatch, and demolition while transformed.
• You can now use every skill except for double fire and oak barrel while super transformed.
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2 iZumo   (2009-05-13 6:14 AM) [Entry]
Finally a second less delay for bstep!!!!
I luvs the range for BoT and Assaulter!!!

1 xFlipy   (2009-05-06 3:40 PM) [Entry]
YES SHADOWER UPDATES ARE HERE TY MOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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