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Maple life guide
Maple Life Item Guide

Maple Life is a new item available for purchase only in the MapleStory Cash Shop. Maple Life allows users to create a new, level 30 character that is ready to play.

The Basics:

You must have a level 30 character in the same world to purchase this item.
Maple Life (Type A) can only be purchased if you have an empty character slot in the same world.
Maple Life (Type B) comes with an extra character slot and can be purchased if you have less than 6 characters in your world.
Your new character will have stats set at the basic, pre-1st job level.
Creatable classes are: Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, and Pirate.
When creating a Warrior or Magician you will have the option to spend SP on the Improved Max HP/MP Increase skills before the character is created, otherwise SP and AP are left unspent.
You new character comes with equipment, 100,000 mesos, a relaxer, and 200 HP & 200 MP potions.

Getting Maple Life:

Both Maple Life types can be purchased in the cash shop. Simply select the type you qualify for, purchase, and then move into your character?s inventory.

Using Maple Life:

Once the item is in your character?s inventory, exit the cash shop. Open your character?s inventory and double click the Maple Life item. A pop-up box will appear to guide you through creating your new character.

Select your class:

Once you are happy with your new character, select Complete to finish, at any point in the character creation process you can select Back to return to the previous steps and make changes.

Playing Your New Character:

After you complete the character creation process, the pop-up box will close and the Maple Life item will have disappeared from your inventory. Exit the game, and log back into your account. You will see your new character on the character select screen in the same world as the character that used the Maple Life item. Select your new character and play!
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