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.073 patch notes
MapleStory Ver. 73 Patch Notes

oh, and the exp curve is now perma. but... who cares about that? :x

EXPlosion Changes Now Permanent!

The Maplers have spoken, and we hear you loud and clear. You loved our EXPlosion event so much we've decided to make the changes to our EXP curve a permanent part of MapleStory. Now not only you, but all future Maplers will enjoy an easier leveling experience!

New Content!

Cygnus Knights

MapleStory's first premium class is here. A Cygnus Knights character can be created by any player with a level 20 or above character. All Knights begin at level 1 with the Noblesse job. Once a Knight reaches level 10 they can chose to take one of five new jobs; Dawn Warrior, Blaze Wizard, Wind Archer, Night Walker, or Thunder Breaker. Cygnus Knights characters can enjoy a new quest line, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th job advancements, and 120 levels of content.

Maker Skill

At level 45 players can now learn the Maker Skill. After learning the skill, player will gain the ability to craft items out of materials found throughout Maple World. Only items level 50 and above can be crafted, and players can only craft items up to 5 levels above their own level. So a level 60 player can craft items up to level 65. Maker Skill can also be used to upgrade crafting materials like gems and to turn unneeded equipment items into crafting material.

Blessing of the Fairy

Blessing of the Fairy is a passive skill that all Cygnus Knights characters receive upon making their first job advancement. This skill increases the stats of both the Cygnus Knights character and the regular character used to create it based on each character?s level. If the regular character used to create the Cygnus Knights character is deleted, the Cygnus Knights character?s Blessing of the Fairy will remain the same level. If the Cygnus Knights character is deleted, the regular character used to create it will have it?s Blessing of the Fairy skill level reduced to 0 until that character is used to create another Cygnus Knights character.

Vicious? Hammer Item

Vicious? Hammer is a Cash Shop item that can be used on any piece of equipment to increase that item?s upgrade slots by 1. Vicious? Hammer can be used on an item a maximum of 2 times. Items that have had Vicious? Hammer applied to them will not be eligible for MTS at this time. MTS service for Vicious? Hammer items will become available at a later date.

New Plastic Surgery

Two new faces have been added for each gender to the Henesys, Orbis, and Mu Lung plastic surgeon's regular and VIP plastic surgery. All white lenses have also been added.

New Skin Colors

Green and Pink skin colors are now available at all skin shops in MapleStory.

MTS Service Charge Change

MTS service charge has been changed to a 500NX base transaction fee and a 7% of sale price transaction fee.

Elemental Wand Changes

Bishops have been rebalanced to receive a penalty for using an Elemental Wand or Staff without the Holy element to use Holy skills.


Lost Miwok Artifacts Event

Event period: 07.29.2009 ~ 08.25.2009. Help Kopee and Toh recover the lost Miwok artifacts by hunting monsters all over Maple World. Monsters will be dropping Miwok Artifacts and Miwok Artifact Pieces. Take Miwok Artifacts and an Enchanted Scroll (available in the Cash Shop) to Toh to recover the treasure inside. Use an Enchanted Scroll on 20 Miwok Artifacts and get a special Miwok Chief?s Chair. You can also speak to Kopee to begin a quest to create a powerful ring.

Cygnus Knight In-Game Events

Event period: 07.29.2009 ~ 09.22.2009. Reach level 10 with any Cygnus Knights character and receive 2 Safety Charms. Reach level 70 with any Cygnus Knights character and receive a weapon and 2 upgrade scrolls. The first 20 Cygnus Knights characters in each world to acquire the Cygnus mounts will receive the following prizes:

First 20 to acquire Mimio will receive: (1) Scroll of Shoes for Speed and (50) Power Elixirs.

First 20 to acquire Mimiana will receive: (5) Onyx Apples and (100) Power Elixirs.

Event period: 07.29.2008 ~ 08.25.2009. 2x EXP will be in effect on all worlds on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2PM ~ 4PM PDT.

Cash Shop Sales

Green Skin Package: Henesys Skin-Care Coupon, Eye Poppers, and Queasy Facial Expression.

Pink Skin Package: Henesys Skin-Care Coupon, Rabbit Ears, and Goo Goo Facial Expression.

New Quests Added

Bug Fixes!

TCG Issues: Item redemption and quests should all work correctly now.

Title System Quests Expiring: Title System quests should now not expire early.

Monster Book Bug: Monster books should no longer be negatively affected when picking up cards from Time Temple and Ellin PQ.

Alert GM Message: When right-clicking another user and selecting Alert GM, the correct message should now display.
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2 Tess   (2009-07-29 8:34 AM) [Entry]
YAY, BISHOPS CAN NOW BE LIKE, OH SHIT, I SHOULD GO LUK. Luk bishop ftw. sad <3moto.

1 moto   (2009-07-29 7:26 AM) [Entry]
its pretty childish but...

IN YOUR FUCKING FACE YOU IGNANT BISHOP BITCHES (guildies and sarah excluded of course) n___n

oh, how i shall savor JEWING BISHOPS ON ELE WAND 8 hearts

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